Saturday, 17 February 2018

From AlexS: Terrain (10 points)

Hello everybody! My name is Alex, I'm from Russia, and I recently moved to a new apartment. I still can not find a box of miniatures. But I found a box with old toys and models of cars. And I had an idea ...

I disassembled the cars in parts, and decided to make a fragment of the terrain for games to the present or post apocalypse.

I have several times changed the concept, but in the end it turned out something strange, but still interesting.

I still can not find an airbrush in the apartment, so I rushed all hands and the result was not as good as it would be with the use of an airbrush. 

But I did some great graffiti!

At the end of the work I decorated the terrain with various vegetation to give it a wild and wild look.

Well, in the end I decided to follow modern trends and use different subjects and methods of measurement in order to get as many points as possible for my work. After my long measurements it turned out that I get 1 point. Please, Michael, give me 1 point, please! :)


What a great piece of terrain Alex, I love the use of the plants at the end to tie everything together and give it a sense of a post apocalyptic world.  I do like a challenge first off the bat and these look right for 10mm scale miniatures so three vehicles equals nine points plus a bonus point for the basing and freehand graffiti, cracking start to the Saturday Showcase.


  1. Nice work on the wrecks Alex. I hate it when you've moved and your hobby stuff is still packed.

  2. Great looking piece of terrain! Good luck finding all your bits in the new flat!

  3. Very cool Alex! I live the giant plant life growing out of the boot. Are you going to use all the tyres to make barricades now?

  4. Nice, inventive use of toys for terrain!
    Best Iain

  5. The opened doors really help sell these wrecks.