Saturday, 17 February 2018

From ByronM: Greek Peltast units (80 points)

Once again this week, lots started not a lot finished.  Most of my time was taken up with either assembly (as I had not got enough Greeks together and I bought more Mechanicum) or with my theme week entry.  So, all I have to post today is two units of Greek Peltasts.

The Peltast units may also have been considered a type of Psilio unit from my readings, which was what the Greeks called any small loose formation support type unit.  These units often fought with ranged weapons before normal phalanx combat.  Units armed with javelins were also called Peltasts and there is often overlap in books as to which is which.  Since I have some loose close combat units coming, I am going to refer to them as Psilio in games and these as Peltasts, even though they may in fact have been the same thing at the time, it will keep it easier for players to call them different things since they are armed differently.

Anyway, I got two units of them done this week, one with helms and one without to help keep them identifiable.  Both are Victrix figures, which I am really liking compared to the Warlord figures, but not as much as the Gorgon Studios figures.  These Victrix ones have very nice detail, lots of posing options, but are a bit cartoony with very large heads.  I can deal with that though as they at least allow more than 3 poses like the Warlord ones.

I based these on smaller 40x40 bases to keep them identifiable from a distance in games when compared to the normal phalanx units.  I used the very nice Little Big Men transfers for them, which I really like, but in this case had issues.  The decals all had to be cut down from their original size since they included borders which would overlap onto the raised detailed edges of the shields.  I am bewildered why they would do that since they were designed for these specific Victrix figures and it made for a lot of touch up work after.  A flaw in an otherwise normally excellent product line.


You might consider this a small post Byron, but I have yet to manage sixteen of any one unit this challenge - I really must try harder!  Lovely work and really dynamic poses, they must have proved a nice break from the Spartans.  Another solid 80 points to our tally, well done Sir. 


  1. Those lads look great Byron :)

  2. Great to see the support troops to protect the phalanxes flanks Byron. Well done on these pelt asks, a favourite unit type for me.

  3. Loving the peltasts Byron. One of my fav units of the period.

  4. More great looking Greeks!
    Best Iain

  5. The machine continues! Excellent stuff Byron...we can't be too far from a game now, can we?