Saturday, 17 February 2018

From TeemuL: Slaughterpriest and Ringwraiths (22 points)

This week doesn't have as much painted figures as the previous weeks. I have been a bit tired, a bit occupied, a bit sick and a bit short of prepared minis...

Anyway, here's something. First a Khorne Slaughterpriest for Age of Sigmar. I really like this model, I painted a similar model on previous Challenge as well. This has a bit different colors to keep them separate. With this I can field a very strong Gore Pilgrims battalion, which is practically immune to the battleshock tests.

Next two Lord of the Rings miniatures, Khamul and a riding Ringwraith. Khamul is "second generation" ringwraith from GW, from time when they started creating names, backrounds and individual models for each ringwraith. Some like it, some like it not. I painted him almost like a regular, nameless, ringwraith, only painting his metal face mask with black metal.

Riding ringwraith is a basic ringwraith, painted quite simply, but looks rather good. Several people find painting black a difficult task, but for some reason I seem to handle it quite easily with decent result. It is just black basecoat with careful grey drybrush. Still looks quite black to me.

Slaughterpriest is worth 7 points, Khamul 5 and riding ringwraith 10. That's total of 22 points for the Challenge and the Side Duel 1. If AdamC manages to paint anything in the coming week(s), he'll win the side duel, because I think about 100 points is the maximum I am capable of - especially when I'm almost out of prepped minis.


Sorry to hear that you have not been feeling great Teemu, but great to see more of your lovely work.  That Slaughterpriest is a brute of a model and what a wonderful job you have done on the Ringwraiths, black is so tricky to pull off.  That's another 22 points to the tally, but back to prepping with you!


  1. Well done Teemu. The wraith of foot is my favourite.

  2. Nice brushwork Teemu. How tall is the Slaughterpriest? He looks massive.

    1. As tall as riding Ringwraith. 40mm from basetop to eyes.

  3. Nice khorne type and lovely ringwraiths!
    Best Iain

  4. I love the mounted wraith. I’m afraid I’m in the anti- camp when it comes to ringwraiths with personalities! (Witch King excepted)