Saturday, 17 February 2018

From Mike D. Thracian Warriors (162 pts)

My goal for this year's challenge was to make a dent in my Greek bin. Several years ago I finished a Macedonian army and entertained the idea that I would put together a collection that would allow me to play everything from the Persian Wars through to the Successors and beyond. And for consistency sake, I was going to do everything in expensive and heavy (and awesome) Foundry figures. Best laid plans etc, I would up with about 50 painted Hoplites, about the same number of Thracians, and the Greek Bin.

So this is the year. I decided to front-load my task by trying to finish off the Thracians first. I've been trying to make an army based on the Odrysian Kingdom of 4th century BC. What this means is that I felt compelled to do a lot of varied free-hand decoration of the tunics and capes. Also I find when I put printed shield transfers on figures where I've painted my own designs the who thing looks worse. So in other words, these things take me a long time to finish. In retrospect, and bad idea for the points challenge.

Altogether I've got 12 mounted and 8 foot here for a total of 160 pts. Now on to some Hoplites.
The Greek Bin itself (pre-challenge)


These are tremendous Mike, what an impressive sight, I can almost hear the thundering of hooves!  Love the free hand work on the tunics and shields, which are certainly worth a couple of bonus points.  Nicely done Sir.