Friday, 2 February 2018

From DaveX: Frostgrave Cultists Range Support (10 Points)

I have painted up a couple more Frostgrave Cultists, this time they will be providing Ranged support.  I am sticking to using bright contrasting colours with no real uniformity for them.  I assembled these lads ages ago and have used the Painting Challenge as an excuse to finally commit paint to brush.

I now nearly have a warband ready to go.

10 points FTW!


'I now nearly have a warband ready to go.' Now, that is absolute music to my ears and precisely what the Challenge is all about. Great to hear and wonderful work Dave. I like the colourful approach you've taken for your cultists.  These guys are so often depicted as being a rather dour lot that it's a very refreshing change to see them decked out in such splendorous colour. 

Now, if only someone would speak to their tailor about those conspicuous pointy hats and masks they always seem wear... 

10 points for you sir, lovely work!



  1. Love the colours, they look like bad guys from the Batman TV series

    1. "What's this? Frigid Fiends from Frostgrave?? Will our Caped Crusaders evade their clutches???"

      Just thought I'd ramp up the ambience a notch...
      ; )

  2. Echo the replies above the colours are ace.

  3. They're fantastic and fantastical!! I love the zany colours you've used, and particularly the pin/purple surcoat on the archer. "Never mind subtlety - I'm making sure my victim sees me!"

  4. I'm loving these cultists, they're great!
    Best Iain

  5. Great stuff Dave. Love the bright colours!

  6. Great work Dave - as others have noted, the colours are excellent.

    And isn't there something just so fun about cultists in pointy hats, no matter the setting?

  7. Lovely painting, I love the colours.

  8. As comments above, I really like the contrasting colours

  9. Top painting and basing on these nefarious characters - and it's always more fun to play the bad guys!

  10. Now these are two quite fancifully dressed gents! Excellent paint job.

  11. Thanks to all for the most encouraging comments! I am glad my choice of bright, loud contrasting colours for the bad guys has paid off!

  12. That is going to be quite the warband with the vivid color! They do look very nice and that pink was done well.