Wednesday, 7 February 2018

From JamesM: 4 x 15mm German LeFH 18's + 15mm Terrain (70pts)

Hi folks,

After the rush job of the Nebs for last weekend, I finally managed to get my next battery of German artillery done. These are much more standard German 10.5cm LeFH 18's.

These guns were the standard division artillery of German forces during WW2, having initially been developed in the 1920's. I've painted up 4 as a battery for my 89. Infanterie-Division collection - a lighter alternative to the French 15.5cm howitzers I painted the other week.

I've weathered up the wheels a little and gone with the usual barrel soot. The models are all Battlefront and I've stuck to my usual basing style.

I've always been a bit wary of the striped poles people like to paint attached to WW2 guns. I know in a lot of cases these were actually the barrel cleaning tools... but it does look like these German guns had the survey poles attached and that they were striped. I've painted them on and they add a nice splash of colour! Talking about reds... I forgot the damn shoulder panels again... I also have ammo containers to add to the bases, but for not this unit is done!!!

4 x 15mm scale guns and 20 crew (5 per gun) =  56 points?

With these done I've just a few more Nebs and then a load of 88's, and my 15mm German arty surge is done!

I've also (sorry Ray!) been working on some 15mm scale terrain which I needed for a game on the 18th. Unfortunately this has now been pushed back to the 25th, so I'll be adding more terrain bits to the queue for that. The entries below were all painted from bare resin/MDF.

6 x Tiger Terrain resin 4" wall sections (to add to what I already have for around my church)
4 x Tiger Terrain 15mm resin 'Outhouses' (for scattering around my house's back yards)
10 x Blotz MDF rough wooden fences (4") and 2 x Gates (2") (useful in town boundaries)

I have no idea how these would be pointed I'm afraid!

From Ray

Oh Gawd!!! More terrain!!! You lot are killing me!!!

Love the artillery James, they look fantastic, you're going to need a massive table to get all this artillery on the table at once!
The terrain looks pretty cool too!
So the points...
56 points for the artillery and men and we'll go with ..............14 points for the terrain
For a total of 70 points!


  1. Lovely work on the terrain, James, and on the artillery pieces as well!

  2. Excellent work! That array of heavy ordnance is quite impressive.

  3. Nice work James, but isn't Gunuary over? :)

    Re. the striped poles, it is a well known fact* that when they weren't making lots of noise with their weapons, the German artillerymen doubled up as barbers ;)

    * like 99% of facts on the internet, this fact may have been made up on the spot by me

  4. Another wonderful battery of guns my friend very nice, love the way you do your basing to

  5. Wow, you've got quite the artillery park now! Well done again.

  6. Great guns Batman, er, James! Your focus on this project is to be admired. I look forward to seeing the upcoming 88s.

  7. Lovely looking artillery, it keeps on coming! The basing is great and some useful terrain too!
    Best Iain