Saturday, 24 February 2018

From KeithS: Another hodge-podge (160 points)

Well, time for the latest pile of miscellaneous stuff I want to finish off!

First up is a Treant from Otherworld.  This is a big guy at around 95mm tall - almost a decimeter for you metrical people!  It's a great figure, though perhaps too big for use with most of my 25mm chaps.  But, it's a gorgeous sculpt, as is usually the case with Otherworld.

He's got a very serious face.  No happy-go-lucky Treebeard type guy, this one.
I like the details Otherworld included, such as the mushrooms growing on him and what not.  They give him a lot of character.
He does seem a bit grabby.

Next up are a pair of newer Displacer Beasts from Wizkids (their Nolzur's Marvelous Unpainted Minis line).  They're also somewhat larger than I prefer -- I bought them to compare scales and see if I could use some of their stuff to supplement my old school collection.  They'll get used, as the sculpts are quite nice.
This is an oldie, a Carrion Crawler from Grenadier (I think).  I've had this one since around 1981.  I recently stripped it as the old paint was sorely battered.  Nothing special, but lots of nostalgia for me.

Here's trio of random guys.  The left is a Reaper Bones; the middle is old school Ral Partha the right guy is...not sure what he is, but an oldie to be sure.
Flip side.  The Bones are too big for my usual tastes but, with monsters, having an off-scale isn't the end of the world.

Up next, a pair of pack horses from Reaper Bones (I think).  Nothing special, but they will get use as part of a pack train in a game of Chainmail.

Going firmly back to my beloved Old School now, we have three Goblin Warg Riders from Heritage.  They're all the same sculpt, though that's OK as I have a larger force of Heritage and other Warg riders that they'll blend into.
 Another angle.  The Wargs are a bit lighter color than most of my other ones, but I kind of like the variation.
Continuing with a theme of non-human cavalry (to go with the above and my dwarf-bear cavalry of last week) is a force of six goblins mounted on spiders.  These are from Ral Partha's recent Kickstarter.  Definitely a force of low-riders.
There were three sculpts for each rider, two spear, two sword, and two with darts.  They were a pain to glue on as they don't easily sit atop those spiders.
Goblins with scimitars.  It's their thing.
Last up is another Heritage model from days gone by, this one a Troll.  I've had it for a little while and finally got to him.  It, too, is from their Lord of the Rings line of figures.  I gave him a goblin/orc style green-brown skin tone
From the back.  Perhaps not the most elaborate sculpt of all time, but then again not bad for the late 70s.  He'll see some use one of these days, I hope!

That's it for the week.  Alas, I have work travel coming up, plus a much-anticipated trip to Garycon in Lake Geneva WI to follow it, so my painting will drop off precipitously.  Hopefully I'll get some free time right at the end to push out a final point bomb!

Pointwise, a confusing group.  I'll throw this out and let the wise judges make the final call:

Treant (95mm) - 15 points?
Displacer Beasts x2 (40mm) - 14 points
Carrion Crawler (60mm) - 5 points (10 makes no sense for that simple guy!)
Serpent Guy (45mm) - 7 points
Cockatrice+Ogre - 10 points
Horses x2 (25mm) - 10 points
Warg Cavalry x3 (25mm) - 30 points
Spider Cavalry x6 (technically all 25mm but the Goblins are pretty small so 5 for mounts and 4 for riders?) - 54 points
Troll (40mm) - 7 points

That would be a total of 152 points and will easily put me over my goal for the Challenge!


What an amazing post Keith, chocked full of monsters and fantasy goodness - absolutely tremendous.  You seem to have a knack for unearthing wonderfully nostalgic miniatures that are then lovingly painted, splendid work Sir.  As for the points, I am going to concur with your guidelines apart from the cavalry units, they can be a full 10 points for each.  I am going to count the Treant as two 40mm beasts and add in a few bonus points to round the entry off to 160 in total.  Bravo Sir and a jolly well done for reaching, and surpassing, your target score. 


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