Saturday, 24 February 2018

From TeemuL: Only the faithful (72 points)

If you know about the lore/fluff/history/nameit of Stormcast Eternals and the exiled people of Numenor, you understand the title.

First three Vanguard-Raptors with Hurricane crossbows. That's six shots per weapon per round.

Most of the Stormcasts around are gold or metallic, I'm looking for a rock or stone on my Stormcast. They are known as Eternal Quarry. There's a hint of light blue in the highlights, but it is not very visible in the nature or in the photos. I'm not 100% happy with the theme I have chosen, but I'll keep to that at least for the first 1000 points or so.

I already have three of these and to make these different, I used red as spot color on belt buckles and plumes. I'll have three more to paint and with three squads of Aetherwings (one squad painted for Flying and one still to paint) I'll have a battallion, which will make them even more shooty.

Then some Numenor fighters for Lord of the Rings. I actually only needed some banner bearers for my army, but since I got a pack of them from a gaming friend, I decided to paint more of them.

The flags are made of street brush and wine bottles (the metal things on the neck). I made a quick free hand on the flags, the same White Tree which is on the shields. Not very pretty up close and personal, but from a distance does its job.

They are pretty simple paint jobs, mostly black and some metal. Below is my whole force, more than I will ever need I think, unless I start the Last Alliance against Sauron...

3 Stormcasts are most likely 7 points each, so 21.
10 Numenorians are 5 points each, so 50.

That's 71 unless something is awarded from the simple flags.

While this again gives me lots of points, I'm still defeated by AdamC in our side challenge. I'll post the prize text sooner or later in my blog. :)


Smashing work Teemu and although not very knowledgeable about such things, I can't help but appreciate just how splendid the Vanguard-Raptor sculpts are.  Scoring is a bit problematic as I couldn't find out just how tall the Raptors are, but I did discover that they were on 40mm bases and if you had armed them with Long-Strike Crossbows we would probably be talking crewed weapon status so happy to admit them as 40mm infantry at 7 points a pop.  Definitely a bonus point for the flags, so that is 72 points for your tally.


  1. Very neat, I like the bold colourschemes!

  2. Nice work Teemu. Those banners look great.

  3. Good to see a bit of the old LotR stuff again - well done on the Raptors as well!

  4. Really smart, Teemu - great to see the silver tree of Numenor flying proudly again....!

  5. It’s good to see variation from the usual gold. That’s an impressive number of Númenóreans!