Saturday, 24 February 2018

Pete F - Pike Toy Soldiers (31 points)

Progress on my Pikeman's Lament army continues - at an albeit glacial pace. Project 6 [ECW] was inspired by a very enjoyable game using Daniel Mersey's pike & shot skirmish rules and an irresistable EBay deal for Warlord's King & Country starter set. At the time I thought maybe some of the plastic could be used for Project 4 [Game of Thrones conversions] - however, the soldiers on the sprues are too flouncy and lacey - there may be a couple of morion heads that would work but I'm going to have to look at more medieval and dark ages types - I'm getting sidetracked.

Here is a half section of Pike. ECW soldiers wore whatever they had or their commanding officer gave them so there are regiments that wore the main colours - red, green, grey on both sides. This unit will have generally green/grey green clothing - with a dash of red here and there - I'm thinking one of my commanders  (Royalist) will have red as his colour and the other (Parliament) one tawny orange.

I've been working on a flexible basing system so that these troops can be re-purposed to any ruleset. My ECW friend has a lot of his troops mounted on pennies and inserted in wooden bases but they had a tendency to fall out - I think he may now be going for a more permanent glued solution. I'm trying small magnets drilled into the wooden based and a metal backing to the mdf frame. It's a partial success - the troops grip to the base just fine but the magnets (3.2mm x 1.6mm) aren't quite strong enough to lift the whole base by one of the soldiers. It works fine if you lift the unit by the base. 

Although I now have 11 Vallejo greens I still couldn't find one I really liked for this unit - it came out a little too WW2 Wermachty. Never mind.

6 x 28mm foot for a total of 30 points

Warlord plastics


What a cracking unit Pete and a timely reminder that I need to do some for my summer Witchfinder game.  I love the subtle use of colour to link the chaps together and what amazing detail on that face.  Your clever basing solution is worth a bonus point so 31 in total to your tally. 


  1. Nice looking figures and basing Pete

  2. Very nice Pete, the movement tray is a good find!

  3. Really great work, Pete!! The colours look perfect - I'm sure the green would have been fairly grey-green-ish (as opposed to Robin Hood-Lincoln Green!). I really like it. Great basing solution as well - looks super-robust.

    I've got "The Pikeman's Lament" and I think it's a great ruleset. Looking forward to getting some dedicated troops made up for it like you. Great work!

  4. Very good! Nice work on the magnetic solution.

  5. Very nice. Excellent basing system as well. cheers