Wednesday, 28 February 2018


Where did all this bloody snow come from!!!
We're not used to this in Kent!!!

8 Challengers have posts in the draft box today so far
including a surprise guest entry?!?

***** urgent update for those in the UK from DaveD*****


  1. Snow? In winter!

    We get 2cm of snow and the whole country goes to hell in a handbasket. Still, if your stuck at home today, more time for painting. I have a half day holiday booked so my brushes will be seeing some action this afternoon.

  2. It’s winter ya soft southern Jessie!

  3. Snow in winter, fancy that! Just don't tell Curt its snowing - he'll just laugh until its about 5 feet high! Have a great day, Ray, and keep those posts coming, Sir!

  4. Curt isn't the only one who will laugh 2cm of snow Thats what we call a "dusting" here in New England.

  5. I'll most likely be doing my minion duties tomorrow from the underground bunker I built in the back garden for when the apocalypse comes..... ANd they said I was crazy! I've stocked up on nerf guns and bullets so I can hunt to sustain us. See you on the other side.....!

    1. Enjoy the snow-pocalypse! They say the feral struggle to survive brings people closer to together...after all, how else can you hunt them down?

  6. Geordie girls are wrapping up warm for a night out, underwear will be worn, even if briefly

  7. Buck up you big girl's blouse - A little taste of winter will be good for your southern perspective. Just keep your eyes open for Wildlings and White Walkers. :)

  8. Listen here you 'orrible lot, its not my fault you all choose to live in the north, or where it snows all the bloody time. I live in the Garden of England, where that big yellow thing in the sky shines. It normally Sub-Saharan in Sunny Gravesend, its shorts and t-shirt even in winter!
    So a big fat juicy raspberry to the lot of ya!