Tuesday, 13 February 2018

From Paul OG: Africa Korps Recon and Light Panzers (72 points)

Last week Alan unveiled the start of his 8th Army project for Battlegroup Tobruk with some fantastic Crusader II tanks - some of his best work ever in 15mm IMHO (and I've seen most of it at some point). Work travel has stymied my own efforts of late but this week I present the start of my corresponding DAK project.

Appropriately leading this modelling push are the Recon and Light elements of the Army. While my full army is a mix of manufacturers, these are all Battlefront models and I've enjoyed personalising each of them. Unfortunately, I also painted them like I would 28mm vehicles with a silly number of washes and layers. Accordingly, they took way too long to finish but I like the resultant veteran, desert worn look.

Leading this week's submission is a quartet of iconic Sd Kfz 222s, and I have done some alternate turrets for them as well to enable all the force options.

For heavier Recon tasks is this pair of 8 rads:

My Light Panzer element is a reinforced platoon of four Pz IIs and a Pz I (so cute!):

Forgot to do the Platoon Commander figure! One for next week's batch 

And finally, a cracking little PzJg I which adds some modest AT firepower to this screening force. Not a monster killer but it will keep Alan's Daimler Dingos and Universal Carriers pause for thought.

Next submission will see some heavier armour in some Pz III platoons but for now that's twelve 15mm vehicles (and a couple of extra turrets) for 72 points. That takes me almost to my target of 500 points, which I will now stretch to 600 please Mssr Minion and Spreadsheet Swarmi!


Paul, these are simply wonderful, and a real treat following hard on the tracks of Alan's excellent Crusaders last week.  There's so much to love about the way you've created these formations.  Recon and light tanks are a real favourite of mine on the tabletop, and in old photos, and I can tell the great skill and care you've taken in building and weathering these guys.

The Sd Kfz 222s look absolutely fantastic, right down to the weathered DAK insignia and aerial recognition flags - essential in the desert.  The 8-rads look perfect with their stowage and additional equipment.  And, perhaps pride of place, goes to the PzJg I - clearly not a monstrous tank-killer, but a wonderful characterful addition to any desert force.  Again the weathering and detailing is great, with the insignia being a stand-out.

Really great work on these, Paul.  Top marks scoring 72 well deserved points to add to your growing total.


  1. Very nice! I'm another fan of light armour and agree that the rare and detail on these is clearly evident. Love em.

  2. Those are some awesome desert panzers!

  3. Great work! Early war is ace. Early war in the desert is even better!

  4. Oooh, love those 8 rads. The patches of the stock panzer grey peaking through the the desert yellow is a great touch. Terrific post Paul.

  5. Really lovely work on these DAK light armour types, I've said it before that I really like the 8 rads but the light armour and 222s are fab also and the weathering is awesome!
    Best Iain

  6. Great work on these love how you've weathered them bit of panzer grey showing through really nice job

  7. Really nice. Recon was among my favorite units in Flames of War.
    Excellent looking armour all round. Cheers

  8. Those are some nice looking Desert war units!


  9. Fantastic! Just when I was hot on your heals to overtake you in points you produce this!!! Smashing job.

  10. That’s gorgeous stuff, the weathering is really characterful.