Saturday, 17 March 2018

From AlexS: Late Romans (200 pts)

Hello everybody! My name is Alex, I'm from Russia, and I'm an paint-holic. I have scored the necessary points and could continue to have a rest. But I'm an paint-holic! So I painted some more miniatures.

This time I painted part of the band of the Late Romans.
I made a detachment of eight nomad mercenaries, two detachments of archers, a small squad of infantrymen and miniatures for the command teams. I plan to increase this squad due to infantry, but it will be later.

This is the last Saturday of the event and I want to thank my curator, Michael, for his patience, attentiveness, and the subtle English humor that he demonstrated in his correspondence. Thank you, Michael, it was a great communication, you are a wonderful painter and a great creator of the terrain.

8 cav = 80 pts
24 inf = 120 pts
total 200 its


Firstly Alex, it is I who should be thanking you!  Your enthusiasm and ingenious use of found objects have been an inspiration to many of us this winter.  I have thoroughly enjoyed our correspondence and look forward to following your progress through your blog.  A lovely finally submission and another 200 points to your already impressive tally.  Bravo Sir! 


  1. Great entry Alex, these Romans and their mercenary companions look the part alright!

  2. Very well done Alex! You’re getting better and better with each entry while still maintaining impressive speed.

  3. Great looking late Romans!
    Best Iain


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