Saturday, 10 March 2018

From PeteF: A Few Russians including Black Powder Duel figure (36 points)

Bear with me a minute with this non miniature related story - it is vaguely relevant. Many years ago I was looking after my wife's dog - taking it for a walk on a sunny spring day and not paying much attention. We passed a small tree and before I noticed the rabbit hole and the tiny baby bunnies, soft and blinking, on their first outing into the wide world of possibilities there was a tug on the leash and Maggie had dispatched no less than six of them - coincidentally the number of losers in the Black Powder Duel.

How I feel about The Black Powder Duel is how I imagine those bunnies would have felt, if they'd been given a chance to feel very much. Although not all my submissions have been recorded I am still over 2,000 points behind KentG with 10 days left in the challenge. Enough said - unless Benito is hording a points nuke then this casualty will be headed to Kent - a Russian grenadier being shot in the gut. At least he'll be worth 5 points.

The casualty is on a heavy metal washer so he can lean back in the act of being shot.

This week I was a step closer to completing the Russian Napoleonic Build an Army that got me re-started on all this a couple of years ago - here is the finished artillery and crew. Only a mounted officer, a drummer and five more casualties to go and I will need to purchase some more figures for Project 3 (28mm napoleonics). Or maybe work on the other 12 projects.

I put the gun on a magnet in case it ever needs to be limbered.

That's it for submission 17 - still hoping to get all the stuff I primed in December painted by the 20th - it's going to be a near run thing.

Warlord metal. 5 foot (5x5=25) and one gun (10) for 35 points. 


Well I wasn't expecting the traumatic lead into this post Pete, but when one has been bludgeoned by the painting machine that is the supremely talented Kent, I can see where you are coming from!  Another lovely unit and a fitting commemorative figure for your duel.  I am awarding a bonus point for the natty basing solution, now let's get those final troops painted before the 20th please. 


  1. Nice casualty figure and artillery Pete :)

  2. Great work on the gun and crew, and I really like the casualty figure. But those poor baby bunnies!

  3. Great painting on those Russians Pete! Yeah, going up to Kent in a painting contest isn't really viable is it? He's a monster, but you've tried valiantly!

  4. Nice work, clearly you had no chance up against Kent! I remember my old dog doing pretty much the same thing with half a dozen ducklings, nature red in tooth and claw!
    Best Iain

  5. Nice work, Pete! The casualty figure is having a rough day, and Kent is a machine; yet you've done outstanding work yourself.
    My production is down, but there are plenty of bad guys who may wish I was at my brushes! ;)