Saturday, 10 March 2018

From MikeD: Cretan Archers (40pts)

Getting into the home stretch, and it's gonna be close. As I've said earlier, I front loaded my challenge to paint the time-consuming things earlier. I've got quite a few Foundry Hoplites sitting there just waiting for shield transfers, but other than that I've mostly things I can churn out quickly. Case in point are these Cretan Archers. They are Relic figures. As I've plowed through my Greek bin I'm reminded how badly I "over-buy". If an army list calls for 10 of something, I buy 20. I'm guessing I got these at a flea market or Ebay years ago.
So that's eight for 40 points. Now where did I put those Rhodian Slingers?


Splendid job Mike, these certainly look the part and with another 40 points to your tally you are edging, ever closer, to your target score, come on Sir, you can do it!