Monday, 24 December 2018

From Paul SS: Warbases Peasant Cart (25 points)

I've been a busy chap over the past couple of days, three 0500 starts in a row mean that I've been able to crack on with quite a bit.

Over the past few weeks Mrs Scrivs, Victoria, has been gifting me with some goodies that she ordered from Warbases for me and if you check the Scrivsland blog you'll see a Ammunition cart and some Geese that I already painted earlier in the month.

On Wednesday I got the Peasant Cart 1 kit. I already had some draft horses that I picked up when last in the UK so it was just a matter of adding a load of logs and securing them with some bakers twine held in place with PVA glue.

The whole thing was primed with grey primer and then it was only an hour or so to block in the base colours, was and then do some highlights, the basing probably took longer. Victoria did remark, why do you take brown mdf, spray it grey and then paint it brown again ;)

This was quite a bit longer than the 100mm x 75mm Renedra base I planned to use, so luckily I had some 120mm x 60mm Warbases bases still in the bases box.

I now got quite the baggage train made up from the Warbases range.

As for points, 28mm vehicle - 20pts plus contributing to the North & South challenge.


Haha! I've gotten much the same question about painting Italian Wars gendarmes, 'So, if they're all in metal armour why on earth do you spray them black and try to make them look like metal again?' To which I reply, 'Tut, tut, you shouldn't question these things, m'dear. It's all for the sake of the 'art'. (Scratches own head, realizing that what we do must look COMPLETELY ridiculous.)

Great log cart, Paul! I love these types of models as they have such a wide utility for the tabletop - from the 16th to 21st century, you could see a variation of this cart being used somewhere.

As to scoring, you get 25 for this model: 20 for the cart (the 'vehicle') and another 5 for the horse. 

Well done!


  1. My god, you have been busy haven’t you. Nice work on the wagon, load and horse. I quite like the way you’ve done the logs.

  2. That's a great looking wagon Paul.

  3. Very nice adding the logs to the wagon really makes the model standing out

  4. Lovely horse and cart,the warbase MDF wagons are ace,it's a pity I'd already bought a load in metal before they came out!
    Best Iain

  5. Really like it Paul! Like I commented on your vlog already it‘s these little things which bring a table to life.

  6. Nice work, always good to see baggage getting some love


  7. Great work on the horse, cart and the base.

  8. Great work, it looks truly life-like!

  9. Thanks for all the kind comments folks. Not much painting the last couple of days, but 48 Perry Miniatures 100YW assembled.

  10. Excellent work Paul. Loads of character. We need more stuff like this on tables!

  11. Nice work, Paul! Love the wood grain on the wagon!

  12. Handy addition for so many games. Great stuff . cheers