Thursday, 10 January 2019

From BenitoM: British Airborne Second Section (45 points)

This week entry is very similar to that of the previous Thursday, as I have painted the second section (or squad) of my British Airborne platoon for Chain of Command.

As explained last week each section has two teams, one rifle team (5 Lee Enfields  rifles and 1 Sten SMG) and the LMG team (3-crew Bren LMG), led by a junior leader.

What it is different this time is the model manufacturer. So far in this Challenge I have been presenting models from Warlord. In this case the models are from WargamesFoundry. These are somewhat old; but as the Perry Brothers designed them, the quality of the sculpting is really good.

All this models wear combat helmet and have very light equipment, in contrast with the plastic models of the previous entries. The WF range has another reference with redberets if you like to add some variety to your units. 

This Thursday’s entry adds another 45 points (5points x 9 models in 28mm) to my Challenge score, increasing the total to 300 points or 40% of my 750 target, Not too bad considering this is the fourth week of the Challenge.


More splendid para camo! Lovely sculpts that you have more than done justice to and it sounds like you will need to up your total in the not too distant future! 45 well earned points it is!

All the best Iain



  1. Lovely work again. You’re really rocking that camo pattern - even the thought of camo leaves me running for the door.

  2. That camo is really nicely done. And I was just thinking the faces had great expression when I read about the change in manufacture, really characterful!

  3. Great work Benito - top shelf painting. This project has been something to see - and so much focus, wow!

  4. Cracking work Benito! You're keeping the faith on this project - Bravo!

  5. Another brilliant entry Benito, I really love the muted palette you've used for these, they look fantastic. Can't wait to see the whole force.

  6. I'm hoping to see more of these paras and hopefully a group shot when done. They are nicely executed!


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