Wednesday, 27 February 2019

From MikeF - Warhammer 30k Inferallti Hussars Rhino (20 points)

I'm working to complete my first unit for my Inferallti Hussars Imperial Militia army for 30k. The Hussars are briefly mentioned in the book Praetorian of Dorn by John French and are are described as having Crimson and White carapace armor and being members of the "Old Hundred" - Regiments that served the Emperor during the Unification Wars. They're actually quite hapless in the book and fall victim to one of the oldest security mistakes a guard can make. The exchange goes something like this:
Guard: "Hey, you can't go in there!"
Baddy: Don't talk to me like that, don't you know who I am? You're commander won't be happy once he hears of this!"
Guard: "Sorry, my mistake. Please proceed."

Hopefully my army fares better on the table.
Here is a Rhino transport for one of the squads that I hope to have finished for next week.


Lovely bit of work with the red armour on this vehicle, Mike - it's a corker!

So the Inferallti Hussars will have a quality ride - at least until they give the keys to the first enemy officer who comes up and asks for them in a loud voice...

20 points for this mighty brick of a vehicle, well done!



  1. You've done a great job, that red paint looks great. I like the weathering around the exhaust stacks.

  2. Great work Mike - that looks excellent.

  3. Super looking Rhino Mike. I like how you did the exhaust streaking on the vent ports.

  4. That striking scheme is faintly reminiscent of the Kell Hound mercs from Battletech fame.


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