Wednesday, 27 February 2019

From TeemuL: Highborn of Hammerhal (50 points)

Ten High Elf Spearmen, oldies painted for Age of Sigmar as defenders of city of Hammerhal.

Close-up with eyes

The one without the helmet is an old Grenadier A754, he acts as a champion. There are two metal High Elfs from Citadel, year 1987. Last 7 are those plastic ones from 1992 or something. One of them had broken spear, which I replaced with another spear and made him a standard bearer. I kept thinking about the standard, should I use some plastic or metal, but I just kept thinking, not doing. Once the painting was complete, I started going through my bitz box (finally). I didn't find anything appropriate until I found the banner there. It is an old sticker from the 1990s I believe. It was High Elf banner, it was correct color and so on, so I sticked it. It was a bit tricky to fold, since it has a pointed end, but it is ok. I touched it a bit with blue to cover up white marks coming from years of storage and I painted the white symbol gold - I don't expect any points of this, though.

They are not painted bright white as some one might expect (or how I painted that one similar guy earlier this Challenge), but rather dark. It is not the bright and light Old World anymore, it is grim Realm of Fire in Age of Sigmar. Gold and Blue are the colors of Hammerhal (which has specific rules in excellent Firestorm campaign box), so I used them (like 2 Stormcast Eternals earlier this Challenge). Heayy Druchii Violet wash and some drybrushing and they look like they mean business. Lavalike base, Martian Ironearth Texture paint from Citadel over dark yellow paint, ties them nicely to their realm. Happy with the result, looking forward to add more Legacy stuff to my Hammerhal army in the future.

A bit more light

10 high elves, 5 points each, total 50 points.


O hark, O hear! how thin and clear, 
                And thinner, clearer, farther going! 
         O sweet and far from cliff and scar 
                The horns of Elfland faintly blowing! 

 - Tennyson, 'The Splendour Falls on Castle Walls'

A splendid regiment, and one which put me in mind of Tennyson's verse almost immediately. Terrific work on these guys! That's 50 points for you, Teemu, keep 'em coming!



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