Monday, 4 February 2019

From StephenS: Reinforcements - 42 points


A last minute entry into the Bolt Action tournament at CANCON (a convention in Canberra, Australia) this year, coupled with some last minute changes to my list, resulted in needing some last minute reinforcements for my World War II Germans.

Reinforcements to flesh out a Panzergrenadier squad

The tournament itself was good, I finished about middle of the pack and played five great games against some very lovely gentlemen indeed. It also gave me the opportunity to chat with a number of people that I haven't seen for a while, among them my esteemed Monday Minion and even an old friend from primary school (which was a number of decades ago now).

Panzerschreck and Sniper weapon teams

The miniatures themselves are a mix of metal weapons teams and some of the new(er) plastic grenadiers from Warlord Games. I've attempted to paint them in camouflage patterns in order to distinguish them from their less experienced comrades in the other squads.

While the paint job is not my usual standard as they were a rush job, they performed quite admirably all the same through out the tournament.



Good to see you the other weekend, Steve! I find that a tournament is a good deadline to paint to. Your grenadiers are lovely, and I'll drop in a few points for your camo painting.



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