Thursday, 14 March 2019

From NoelW for Thursday: The panicked rumble to the finish post 4: (90 points)

(OK - trying to rhyme four post titles was beyond me. I'm not sure whether Iain's going to let this post in under the wire in any case.)

Trying to tidy up loose ends, I've three small groups to offer as my final contribution this week.

First is a small group of hundred year's war pikes. There should be more, but I don't think I'll get them finished. Just six Perry figures, painted in a drab, peasantry style.

Followed by two groups from the Zulu Wars. Here's a couple of zulu commanders and a couple of stragglers who didn't get into my previous submission:

And a shot of each of the commanders on their own. These are actually very nice figures, which my treatment has not really done justice to:

And last, also from the Zulu War, eight members of the Natal Native Contingent. These are a mix of Perry and Warlord figures (some of which, I believe, will be freely available with the next issue of Wargames Illustrated).

Total of 18 figures (6+4+8), so 90 points.

This really is the final Thursday post so it seems apt it should be Noel who has had the most posts and indeed points on any given Thursday!
Nicely painted Zulus and the Natal Native Contingent are good too.
Are your 100 years war pikemen Flemish? I know they were using the pike at that time,I like the drab colours contrasting with the metal of the helmets,as to points, to you a mere 90 points it is (to the rest of us that would be quite a lot!)

All the best Iain


  1. Great looking minis, I like the Zulu command figures.

  2. Nice job on the pikemen, Zulus and NNC.

  3. Noel, you're a mad hatter if ever I saw one: 4 posts in one dat and all of a consistently high quality! Unbelievable sir, well done!

  4. Very nice; I like the NNC.