Thursday, 22 January 2015

From PeterB - 6mm Russian Horse Artillery (41 points)

I really struggled to get these figures finished, I think I've reached saturation point with artillery and tried to rush the basing. As is normally the case when I try to rush things, it turned into a complete disaster which I tried to rescue and then had to start again from scratch.  If it wasn't for the competition and the weekly deadline day I don't think I would have managed to complete these.

In the end, I decided to paint up some skirmish infantry and casualties to add some character to the wider bases I've decided to use for horse artillery.   Each base represents a battery of six cannons, I'll probably add some howitzers later in the year as batteries were sometime deployed with 4 of these as well.  I think I've got enough artillery for the time being though.

Including the 7 skirmishers and 5 casualties I think this nets me 41 points.

The dragoons will be finished shortly, they took longer than expected as I wanted to experiment with colours on the horses until I got a result I was happy with.  These will be ready for next week along with the cossacks and hopefully the hussars.

I missed a couple of questions on my last post so I've answered them here, sorry Anne:

1) How much eye strain you suffer after painting - none really, I find 6mm Napoleonic figure easier to paint than 28mm as I don't worry about all the details like piping, buttons, lace, etc.  It's really about painting units rather than individual figures which makes it so much easier.

2) Looking at all those tufts and thinking about how small they must be I'm wondering what size you buy them in. Also are your rocks made from a medium ballast?  The tufts are Silflor 2mm in a variety of colours, they also do a range of moss tufts which are even shorter so I might try some of these with 6mm figures as well.  The rocks are small and medium ballast - I created a mix for my 28mm figures that has about 6 or 7 different types and sizes of stones, so I use this and just pick out the smaller ones.

From Curt:

Wow, the Russian artillery park grows yet again, General Kutaisov would be proud! 

Amazing work and bravo for tenaciously keeping with this. As mentioned before, your groundwork is excellent and it's interesting to read what you've used to achieve it. 

Loving the guns but I look forward to seeing your upcoming cavalry!


  1. It's definitely the year of the Russkis.

    Excellent work Peter :)

  2. They look VERY good! The ground for them is excellent!

  3. So much 6mm artillery. Very nice.

  4. Sooooo many guns! These look great. Well done.

  5. More excellent 6mm work and I agree about the eye strain or lack of


  6. Very nice painting work! A lot of guns too!!!

  7. Well done! That's certainly quite an amount of firepower you got there.