Thursday, 22 January 2015

From RayR - 15mm NYW French Gardes Francaises (42pts)

I thought it was about time I added some French Guard to my Nine Years War collection. So here we have a unit of France's finest. The Gardes Francaises. The regiment was present at two major battles of the war, Fleures and Steenkirke. 

They are as per usual Essex Miniatures, but I had to do a little conversion work!! Unfortunately Essex don't sell a command pack for their Guard figures. The three figures in the centre are actually English Grenadiers from their WSS range, the three had their heads lopped off and replaced with others spare figures I had, I'm quite pleased with how they look.

The flags are not my own but are from Maverick Models.

From Curt:

I won't say a word, Ray. 

That is one very posh looking unit - it just screams 'I'm the Guard, I would be honoured if you would aim at me.' The deep, rich blue of their coats is fantastic and the red facings offer a great punch. Amazing work on the head swaps - they turned out flawlessly - I would have never known unless you had pointed them out. Also, those honkin' huge banners are the biz, wonderful.

Great work Ray! Now, back to those Space Marines, eh?


  1. It's a relief to see you paint a little 9YW stuff for a change. You seemed to be in a rut. These are great looking miniatures. Any chance we can get an army shot (or 2) and see all of these units en masse?

  2. That is a real eye-catching unit, Ray! They look really grand. I wouldn't have guessed on the head swap, but I wonder how their mates feel about their defection? Or are they cunningly infiltrating the command to issue opportune orders? ;)

  3. Another lovely unit for your collection Ray :)

    Looking forward to seeing your Space Marines ;)

  4. Well done Ray. As always the unit looks top banana!

  5. Some of your best work in this project to date mate


  6. Lovely! The dark blue works so well with the red.

  7. Fantastic painting work, and a really cool unit!


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