Sunday, 15 March 2015

From PaulS - The shuffling bomb (325 Points)

This entry is a bit of a surprise, even to me. After finishing the gladiators the other day, I wasn't expecting to find the time or the impetus to actually finish much else before the deadline.  To be honest, I wasn't expecting to put in another entry at all. Turns out I was dead wrong.

This morning I woke up early, so while Claire was asleep, I stuck on Season 3 of Arrow and started on the Season 1 box for Zombicide as it was a fairly mindless thing that could be done while half asleep and watching tv. 4 hours later and I appear to have blitzed through a whopping 65 zombies! That is 40 Walkers, 16 Runners, 8 Fatties and 1 berzerk walker that I appear to have missed in the last batch. She had somehow rolled under the shelf on my painting tray and been missed... obviously a lurker that one!

Here is the new horde in all it's black and white glory... in full colour. I think that graveyard must be on top of some horrific mass grave to have spawned that many zombies!

When the Challenge is finished, I'll try and take a photo of the full horde... the numbers are bordering on the ridiculous.There were too many to fit in the lightbox, hence the in-situ shot instead.

So, 65 more 28mm zombies to the total please Curt. I believe that is 325 points in total... and yet another goal smashed! Put me down for 1750 next please. With 5 days left and no spare evenings, I'm not reliant upon sleepless nights to meet that one, small though it may be.

I really am going to have to do an end of Challenge photo as the model count is getting silly for me. I don't think I've ever painted this many models! 

From Curt:

Awesome job Paul! That is an incredible amount of figures to get done in 4 hours! You obviously have a good pattern worked out for churning these little horrors out. Not bad for someone who had an initial points target of 500 points. Fantastic.

BTW, I do like that creepy gargoyle statue in the last picture. Very cool.


  1. Love these and need to try out this painting style. Also 4 hours is mad fast

  2. All that in 4 hours? My word, you're a painting demon!

    Lovely stuff Paul :)

  3. Brill work and in such a short time frame as well


  4. Damn fine job.. The mass of them really works..

    1. Just wait til you see all of them together ;)

  5. They look great en masse! I really like the graduated top-down shading you've used as well.

  6. Wow these turned out looking fantastic, and so quick!

  7. Dawn of the Dead tired painters. Great bunch of Zombies. BRAAAAIINS!

  8. Greyscale zombies. Just what I like to see. A splendid horde.

  9. Those are very nice, Paul! Hopefully mine will look as nice as yours when completed! ;)