Sunday, 15 March 2015

From StefanK - Wars of the Roses Billmen and Hay Cart (30 Points)

The painting challenge is near its end but finally I manage to create my first post besides the bonus rounds. I'm very satisfied to have submitted them all but other painting came off badly. Anyway finally here are some miniatures I painted simultaneously to Richard III. for the antihero bonus round partly as test figures for the armour:

These are six figures from the bills and bows box Perry miniatures made for the Wars of the Roses. Actually they shall serve as mercenaries during the Burgundian wars especially during Charles the Bold's siege of Neuss in 1474. I painted them to get used to the new historic period and the experiment with colours for medieval clothing and armour. Altogether excellent plastic miniatures which are a pleasure to assemble and to paint.

In addition I assembled and painted a small piece of scenery: Warbases' hay cart.

It's a eight or nine piece MDF kit which comes perfectly cut. It doesn't need much cleaning and is easily glued with super glue or PVA glue. A very nice piece by Martin and Diane which I painted without priming it. Since the MDF soakes up the paint this worked rather well. The hay load is a nicely cast resin piece which fits onto the cargo area very well. I didn't glue it to have the chance to use the cart with or without hay.
Honestly I have no idea whether the cart is worth any points for the painting challenge but I wanted to present this nice kit anyway.

From Curt:

It's great to have you with us in the main 'arena' Stefan, even if it's for the last push to the finish.

You've done a lovely job on those billmen. I'm especially taken with your approach to their 'white' armour - very nice.

The hay cart is a great piece of kit. I have a couple of these as well and am always amazed at both their simplicity and utility on the tabletop.  That being said I do need to get some of those removable 'hay loads' - brilliant stuff.


  1. Great little submission, glad you could make it to us in the cheep seats LOL


  2. Very nice Stefan.. I keep being tempted by these.. Your not helping!

  3. Cracking stuff Stefan. You've really nailed the metallic finish.

  4. Great work, finely detailed minis - and the cart is extra nice!

  5. If I painted these and they came out that well I would be dead chuffed* (*elated )! Top job.

  6. Thanks a lot for your kind feedback. I'm glad to hear that you like my start into the Burgundian wars. ;-)

  7. Some more great plastic medieval troops! It's getting very hard to resist them! That cart is really nice too!