Sunday, 15 March 2015

From MilesR: 28mm British Intervention Force Artillery (60 points)

 Next up, a bit of historical "what-if" - 2 guns and crew from the new Perry line of British Intervention Force miniatures.  This is a very new but rather large line of miniatures that depict a hypothetical British Intervention Force for the American Civil War in 28mm scale.  As stated earlier I'm doing a pair of linked games depicting this intervention at Historicon this summer (one naval, one land) and needed to finish up the British forces.  I am cheating a bit as the bulk of the Brit's are being painted by a friend (and thus ineligible for the Challenge).

This Royal Artillery battery is equipped with two 12 pounder Armstrong guns.  These were the first breechloaders to enter service with the Royal artillery (starting in 1859) and they were very advanced for the period.  I did have some trouble tracking down useful references for uniforms so just went with a "looks British enough" approach.  I have a few more guns on order but they haven't arrived yet.

Just how many guns will the British have use of at Historicon - that depends on how well the Royal Navy does in forcing a landing the game before....

I think 8 crewmen at 5 points a piece and 2 guns at 10 points totals up to 60 points for this submission.

From Curt:

A very cool 'what if' force Miles! You know the Perry's are doing well when they can indulge in these playful little forays into history. 

I'm wondering if looking at British colonial campaigns during that era might be a good idea for uniform ideas. I'm wondering if the British would have their artillerists in blue or a blue-grey during that period - I'm not sure. No matter the colour, these fellow look more than up to the task in supporting their Confederate allies and putting a crimp in Yankee plans.

Well done!


  1. Nice work! Though I wish Perry would finish some of their actual historical lines before they jump into this sort of thing!!

  2. Nice units Miles. The artillery was in blue in this period, but you could claim a campaign mod based on what was available. The Osprey Queen Victoria's Armies on campaign are a good source of info.
    And the 12pdr Armstrong's are great, tecnologically advanced and very powerful. Too bad they blew their breach blocks out so quickly. The Brits went back to RMLs as a result and stayed at that party too long.
    Cheers, PD

  3. Really nice. I have been looking at these for a while and now i've finished my ACW I may indulge

  4. Yes, blue Uniforms I would expect still, they look very dapper - and I'm not surprised there isn't much reference material available for the time/conflict, being 'what if' and all!

  5. They look great! They are on my wish list for my ACW troops too! Great job on them!