Sunday, 15 March 2015

From MilesR: 28mm WW2 US Marines and Sherman Tank (185 points)

 I've surprised myself at how much WW2 stuff in 28mm I've done for the Challenge.  After finishing up the DAK force, I had one more group of figs in the WWII lead pile - US Marines.  I manage to complete 34 infantry and a Sherman tank this weekend.  the bulk of the infantry (30 figures) are from the Warlord plastic box set which is quite good.  The other four figures (the flamethrower and bazooka teams) are Warlord metals.
I've had a Japanese Bolt Action army for years so I really "needed" to do US Marines.  The second picture is a very badly composed shot of the flamethrower team and an infantry squad.
 The next picture shows the platoon command section and the second squad.

Lastly the third squad and a bazooka team.  I've got another 20 or so Marines primed and ready for painting but I'm not sure if I've got time to get them done for the Challenge.

Giving my Marines some real firepower is a Blitzkrieg Models M4 Sherman.  As with all Biltskireg models this is a simple resin kist with 4 parts and it's just superbly cast.

I've run out of ink wash so this tank appears without shading - my apologies to those of you who are easily offended by such omissions to Miniature presentation etiquette.

I really like how the "mud" came out and will likely add some more storage in the Post-Challenge time period.

I've got one or two more posts to make, but in the event I can't (that darn real world), I'd like to thank Curt for putting on yet another fantastic event - it really is the highlight of my hobby year.

I also want to thank all the participants who post such inspiring and creative work.  Every time I read one of your posts I get energized to do better work myself and appreciate the tutoring all of you provided me in our odd little chosen form of art.

From Curt:

An excellent entry Miles. These Marines will be a great counterpoint to your impressive Japanese collection. That Sherman looks to be a very nice model. I particularly like the rust on the metal edges and the mud on the treads and lower hull.  Your plans for the extra stowage and inking will really cap it off in style. 

Ah, and I see that you've bashed through your 3K points target. Fantastic, bravo Miles! Now, I seem to remember a 'Death by Spreadsheet' duel between you and Millsy. It will be interesting to see if Mr. Mills will surge back this week to reclaim 3rd place...

I won't say farewell now Miles as I suspect you will dig deep to get in at least anther entry before the deadline Thursday night. Now, there's another challenge for you. ;)


  1. Great work as usual Miles


  2. Good stuff especially the mud on the tracks!

  3. Really nice and well done on getting so many done whilst retaining the quality - I'm sure the wash isn't far away of the tank :)

  4. Congrats on reaching your third target. 3k points is a hellofajob!

  5. Very nice work Miles.

    As always, it's been great having you along, even if I have been choking on the dust kicked up by you, Millsy, Dave & co! :)

  6. Very nice painting work, Miles.
    You have been a source of inspiration all along this Challenge. Thank you a lot!

  7. Thanks for the kind comments - I've had a blast with this years challenge and will try to meet Curt's additional challenge for another entry. I am looking forward to changing pace and working on some sectional terrain boards post challenge!

  8. Great work, Miles! The tank and marines look very good! I really like the sandy beach basing on the troops. The tank is very good without the wash too!
    I have just about exhausted my Devlin I'll have to find a replacement! ;\

  9. Great little force Miles! Amazing work throughout the challenge.