Monday, 16 March 2015

From RayR - Napoleonic Prince Regent's Hussars (48pts)

All work and no play make Ray really pi$$ed off! So this weekend I hit the brush hard, harder than I've done for the whole of the Challenge! Which is why this is only my 3rd entry proper!! I got the little devils painted up for the Rejects Emperor, von Postie himself.

They are the final unit he needed painting up for his Waterloo English Allies, these are The Prince Regents Hussars. Now trying to find any info about these boys was extreeeemly difficult! But I managed to dig this out... They were raised in Luneburg in 1813 as Estorffs Hussars or the Luneberg Hussars in the rebuilt Hanoverian army. But soon became known as the Prince Regents Hussars. They had several uniform changes, the one depicted is the uniform best guessed to have been worn at the time of Waterloo.

The figures are from Essex Miniature, but I'm not sure which models??

From Curt:

Whoa Ray, this is a bit of a change for you, isn't it? I don't think I recall you ever doing Napoleonics before. Nonetheless, these are really beautifully done. Prince Regent's Hussars? How wonderfully oddball. I really like their red pelisse and the brown busbies just top it off nicely. 

I assume from this that Postie is planning a suitably huge Waterloo game this spring. I'll keep an eye out to see what develops on your blog.

Lovely work Ray!


  1. A fine looking body of cavalry!

  2. Great work Ray. Hussars always look flashy :)

  3. Painting for Postie. I have never heard such a thing. Where will it end. I am sure he has stocked up again at the "Skirmish show".

    These cav look the business mate.

  4. Great looking Hussars Ray, so is this your way of saying no sandbags this year? ;-)


  5. Nice work Ray! That red is great.

  6. Love em, I've always had a soft spot for Hussars. The colours of the uniforms are just perfect for painters. These look very nice.

  7. Huzzah for hussars! Cracking work Ray :)

    You know that we don't believe you when you say you haven't been painting, don't you? We're all sitting here waiting for you to drop a 2k sandbag on us in the last few hours ;)

  8. Cheers everyone!
    @Curt - Posties got around 30,000 15mm Napoleonic's and I painted a lot of 'em, my last unit was a sister unit to the one above, the Duke of Cumberland's Hussars?

  9. Sharp bunch of hussars, Ray! Grand to see you up and at em again! ;)

  10. Exactly what the world needs, more Napoleonics! Great work Ray :)