Monday, 16 March 2015

From TeemuL - Orc Arrer (5 Points)

Well, the challenge has almost ended and everybody is painting and posting, so I why wouldn't I join the club?

This is just something I had to try. I happened to get two of these not-so-old-but-probably-not-latest-one-either orc arrerz while buying some old orcs. How does a newer model looks when painted like an old one?

Well, old arrerz had chain or ring mail under their red cloth, but the new have studded leather and metal helmet. So the color choices were not that straight forward, I decided to paint the studded leather red to tie him more with the old fellows, it is little bit darker and shinier than the old cloth. I was trying to achieve a little bit worn leather, I'm not sure how it worked out.

I also run out of good old Goblin Green and the new paint is not as bright as that, may be I need to find new paints or try a second layer or something, but this guy is little bit darker than previous ones. He is little bit bigger, too, may be it explains the color as well?

I was thinking, that he might work as a captain, champion or something like that, but as you see from the last picture, he doesn't rank up nicely. The previous owner had glued him on to the base, not thinking that he needs to rank up nicely with old orcs... His head is touching the bow of the other orc, but otherwise he might find a home in an unit of these?

So one model, 5 points. Still little bit shy of my target...

From Curt:

Very cool Teemu. It's very interesting to see a comparison of the newer Orcs against the Oldhammer plastics. Wow, what a monster! And the brute doesn't even play nice with the other kids - it looks like you may be looking for some more of these so he has a unit of his own. :)


  1. I have a logic to greenskins: the bigger, the darker the skin, so he works well!

    But damn, scale creep strikes again...

  2. More old style GW figures is what the world needs. And this is a terrific example of it. While I doubt I will ever play "Oldhammer" it really has been a joy to see.

  3. This big brute was a pleasure to paint, let's see if the varnish can give him a little bit brightness to meld in better. I don't think I'll be buying more of them (in the near future), but who knows... I still have some of the older orcs waiting. If he happens to hit the table, I'll probably use him as some kind of a leader. He is bigger, so he has the right to rule, eh?