Monday, 16 March 2015

From MartinN - Final Submission (15 Points)

With some stressful days behind and still a few more ahead I call it a day and present to you my final entry for this years challenge.


Again these are survivors from the Zombicide board game. As the previous figures they were fun to paint and I'd wish more companies would produce their figures to such a standard.

Angry Mary

My heart felt thanks go out to our dear Mr. Snowman... err, pardon me, Snowlord of course... for organizing this fantastic event (again). I'm pretty sure Mrs. Campbell will be more than happy having your undivided attention again, my friend. Thank you both for making the annual Painting Challenge to my annual hobby highlight. 

Also I want to thank the sponsors and the other participants for making the Challenge to what it actually is: A chummily contest with lots of banter, fun and mutual encouragement.

I really loved to gaze at some great figures, well... in some cases I should probably say armies, over the last few months and I'm pretty sure I'll join in next year again, if possible.

Red Cap Ben

And finally the mandatory group shot:

With 91 painted figures I painted almost half as much over the curse of the last three months than I did during the whole of 2014. So I'm quite satisfied with my progress and hope the remainder of the year will be equally productive.

Over and out!

From Curt:

Fantastic work Nick! Those three survivors really look the part. The tattoo on Mitch's elbow, Mary's camo and the great textures on Ben's clothes are just brilliant. So smooth - it's quite astonishing.

I also LOVE the final 'Nick's Challenge' image. I think it would be brilliant if other participants could do the same as we come into our closing days with this year's event as it really defines what they got done over the past three months. Wonderful. 

As before and as I'm sure it will be again: it's been a pleasure Nick.


  1. That's some bloody fantastic painting right there!

  2. Superb painting. Great to see a sum total image. Perhaps some images of the painters as well. Come on. Don't be shy.

  3. I am in awe of the smooth flesh tones you have achieved - I wish I could do it that well.

  4. That is amazing, I thought they were 54mm sculpts!


  5. Nick you have been such an inspiration to me this year and, for my money, consistently produced the finest brushwork of the challenge. These just go to illustrate what a prodigious talent you are - bravo Sir.

  6. They are little works of art.

    I can only echo Michael A's comments above. And to say it has been a pleasure to have been in the same challenge as you.

  7. That's a mighty fine final entry for the challenge! Love the work you've done on the zombicide stuff!

  8. Splendid collection!

  9. Splendiferous work Martin :)

    Was the spider web tattoo hand painted?

    1. I was wondering the same thing. It's superb!

    2. Thank you both. Actually it's freehand but I've still to practice uit seems. I'm always feeling way out of my comfort zone when it comes to intricate patterns and such.

  10. Just beautiful painting, amazing detail, I thought they were 54's.

  11. Oh those three survivors are wonderful! The choice of colours is nicely done

  12. Oh those three survivors are wonderful! The choice of colours is nicely done

  13. They are great! I like all three, but I really like your redcap Ben! He is the character I use when we play! ;)
    Stunning brushwork on them all, but your greyscale VC are tops! ;)