Monday, 16 March 2015

From MichaelA - 10 clockwork chimps (50 points)

If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys – well the only nuts these chaps are interested in are the ones holding their rather splendid Fez hats on!  On the face of it the idea of a set of 28mm clockwork chimps sounds, and is, ridiculous and yet from the moment that I saw them I knew that I had to have them!  Falling for another Kickstarter campaign, I was happy to pledge for a couple of packs of steampunk monkeys, not least because the company behind them, Westfalia Miniatures, is synonymous with quality.

I had cause to contact Kawe of Westfalia to redeem a very generous gift voucher for coming out on top in the ‘Myth’ bonus round.  I was hoping to add this to my current pledge, putting it towards a Clocktopus – best not to ask!  

Being a splendid fellow Kawe suggested that this was no problem at all and added that he was happy to dispatch my pledge of chimps early as they had just safely passed quality control.  A couple of days later, ten mischievous monkeys and a zoologist landed on the mat here at ‘Awdry Towers’.  How they managed to achieve such clean casting on these amazingly detailed sculpts is beyond me, but they really were a joy to assemble and paint. 

Their use or purpose may still elude me, but I can safely say that I am absolutely thrilled to have them bringing, as they do, some much need levity, that and they are so wonderfully shiny!

From Curt:

Me WANT!! Brilliant work Michael - I'm so jealous of you for getting these (but bravo all the same). I'll have to put the screws to Kawe to see if I can pry some from him. I can clearly envision a Strange Aeons scenario featuring these little rascals. 

Your brass paintwork is flawless (I have a hard time thinking of any other colour-scheme for these) and I like the minimalist arid groundwork. Just lovely.   


  1. These are wonderful, I have no use for them but I am starting to want some now


  2. Nice little fellows. Excellent work, Michael.

  3. These kind of figures could give me nightmares. twisted and scary on one hand and quite beautiful on the other. Great painting.

  4. These are lovely crazy figures beautifully realized by your painting.

    it will be the next good word I'll give to my boss if he claims something about my staff!
    I really like the contrast of the yellow metal and the red fez!
    well done!

  6. Nicely painted Sir Michael and such a fun bunch of figures :)

  7. It worries me how much I want these!!

  8. Really well done! your work on the brass is just great.

  9. Really well done! your work on the brass is just great.