Monday, 18 January 2016

AdamC (for Monday)- 28mm Frostgrave Figures (135 Points)

If you are following the Side Duels, you'll see a pretty good scrap on the Frostgrave Challenge between Adam and Paul A with BillA in the mix as well.  Here's Adam's latest volleys of arrows and magic missiles.
This one is big and varied but its all stuff I plan to use for Frosgtrave.  First up a bunch of Cultists
 First up we have three bad guys looking very intimidating with their big morning Stars
 Five Cultist Swordsmen, some duel wielding and two with shields. the Fellow in the centre has a sword and dagger set form the undead encounters set but they look great with him.
 Great details on the clothing both front and back.  Two of these guys have skulls on their belts.
 4 Cultists with missile weapons.  I did two with crossbows and two with bows.
 The guy in Blue needs a quiver I'll have to fix that at some point.  You can see the tendency of cultists to have chains, bones an other stuff.
 Lots of guys fight with sword and dagger but sword and axe that takes a Cultist!
 Once again the detail on the clothing is really impressive
 Cultist Templar with a two handed sword, the face mask of his helmet is part of his pointy hood.
 His Weapon is actually form the Frostgrave soldier pack and it works great with this figure.
 Spear and shield, I hand painted the shield its not really supposed to be anything just an off kilter pattern that looks odd.
 This is a really dynamic figure that is running into action.
 The backpack is a nice detail  and includes a dagger. A total of 15 cultists all 28mm figures so 75 points.
 Humans and the undead aren't the only dangers in Frostgrave, the ruins are effectively wilderness and natural animals like wolves wander in from time to time... Most of the time they want to get out fast but sometimes they are controlled by wizards or magical creatures like werewolves. These 4 Wolves were a gift from my friend Rob and they are fine sculpts form Northstar.
 I did these wolves using layers of dark gray, light gray and silver gray and a good brown wash and I am really pleased with how they came out. 4 Wolves 28mm figures so another 20 points.
 I had to pick this guy up when I saw him.  I'm looking for a fully armoured skeleton to act as this guy once he finishes getting out of his chair. I'm really pleased with how the red eyes came out.  The figure reminds me of the Atlantean form the Conan movie so he could also be a piece of terrain too.
There are lots of great details on this throne I kept the colors dark and muted so the skeletons would stand out.  He counts as one figure for 5 points I leave judging the value if any of the throne to Peter.  (given the bulk of the casting I rate this as worth 10 points)
Now something different as these guys are all good guys. 
 I've been working these Dark Sword Criter Kingdom figures into my warbands since my first game and they are great figures to use.
 This Rabbitman swashbuckler makes a great Treasure Hunter with this leather armour and sword dagger combo.
 The Blue cape gives him a pop of colour and matches the band in his hat.
 A Mouseman wizard or apprentice, I don't know why you would tie a rock to your head but there must be some reason.  (editorial comment, there is no accounting for some fashions and tastes)
 As you can see from this angle the staff is not broken just angled so it looked broken.
 The Mouse doesn't know he is small he wields a massive hammer and still can carry a shield! He'll make an excellent Knight for a Frosgrave Warband
 I kept the shield a simple green as not good design suggested it self to me.
 Mouse pirate Arrh Surrender the Cheese!   H'll make a good thief or Treasure Hunter.
 With that big bag off his (looks like it should have golf clubs) he might make a good mule too.
 Another mouse knight this one a veteran of many battles with a well scared shield. One of my favorites of this setl.
 I gave him some gold on this shoulder pauldrons as a mark of his veteran status.
 Finally the Bard a mouse who knows how to party.  Not only can he play that lute he is armed to the teeth with not one but two swords..
I went with a softer palette for this guy to offset the brown of his leather armour because a bard should look like a showman.  That's another six figure for another 30 points.  All and all that should be 130 Points.

Well done again Adam.  I have upped your points for the throne on the armoured smelly as noted above.  Your "regular" frostgrave" lads all have a nice consistent approach and I do like the snowy bases.  We have temps in -40s (Celsius including windchill) so your snow is a little too close to home!  I also like the big armoured skelly, who looks like he means business and has the chair to match.
However, it's furry components that I like best.  Those are great wolves and you've done very well with them.  Your wash has given them a brindled look and the basing is very effective.  I may need some of these wolves for my 1812 and FIW games.  
But my favourites are the Critter Kingdom set - I don't do much fantasy but I may need these guys.  The bunny has a rather startled look and the mice look fierce.  I like the pirate and bard best, the colours of the cloaks capture the movement nicely.  And I like the way you've painted the inside of the ears - now there's a phrase you don't hear on the Challenge often enough. 
 Paints bomb warning - I've been checking the queue and Adam's been a busy boy this weekend.


  1. Nice bunch of rogues and rodents!

  2. Great set of figs. You are right about the Skells eyes they are very intimidating

  3. Critter Kingdom - hilarious! Personally, I love that chair...

  4. Thanks guys.
    @ Peter Dark Sword has a great line especially the Critter Kingdom.

    @Pat thank you
    @Martin thanks I was very pleased how that came out.

  5. Quirky to say the least, but I see no reason why not. Excellent Frostgrave additions.

  6. Nice mix of fogures Adam! I love that skeleton on the throne :)

  7. Those critters are very cool.

  8. Those critters are very cool.

  9. For me it's the guy with the really long two handed sword. Not normally to my taste but for some reason I have taken to him


  10. Love that Atlantean, great assembly all round!

  11. Do you sleep Adam? Your Frostgrave stuff alone this Challenge has been an amazing level of output. Well done!

    1. This is almost two weeks worth of out put... business travel hitting last week and had much of this week's items painted but didn't have time to base them.

  12. I love the Dark Swords critter Kingdoms range! Nice painting!

  13. Love the micemen must not be tempted, must not be tempted....

    1. Come to the Dark Sword side they have Critters

  14. Wow, so much to love in this post. I'm a big fan of the cultists they just really embody it for me. The Atlantean is awesome, who makes that? While not my cup of tea, those anthropomorphic critters look great. An excellent way to get kids into a game. I was wondering if the mouse with the stone on his head was a Rabbi?

    1. The Atlantean is from Reaper one of its Bones figures so quite aforable as a bonus. Rabbi... hum intersting take I think Dark Sword calls it a Druid.

  15. Nice work, Adam! The cultists came out really well, but I'm a bigger fan of the wolves! They came out really nice.
    The critter patrol is pretty nice too, I suspect they would be easy to place in Frostgrave. Perhaps they iritated an employer and were suitably awarded for the transgression. ;)

  16. So much to love about this entry! Nice work!