Monday, 18 January 2016

From EdwinK - 28mm Moderns The Long Arm of the Law (10 points)

Here I present Sgt Bung and PC Savage, two representatives of those fine boys in blue - the Berkshire Constabulary.

They're 28mm metal figures from Ainsty Casting's Aggro range and are ideal for anyone who wants to game on the streets of 1970s or 1980s Britain.  Soviet invasions or zombie outbreaks spring to mind, but for me they're more likely to be Yeti-bait in Dr Who games.

The bases are some I was lucky enough to win on a blog give-away run by RayR.

They're nice sculpts, and I'm tempted to get some more of the range.

Now then, what's going' on 'ere then?  I like these boys in blue Edwin and you done fine work on them.  The basing is very effective - is the grating part of the figure or part of the ex-Ray base?  Di you cut down the Ainsty bases to get the curb effect?  Inquiring minds want to know?  They will make fine Yeti bait or sacrificial offerings for any modernist game.  I labeled these modern because I remember the 70s!


The pavement, road and grid are all part of the ex-Ray base.  I cut the Ainsty bases off completely.


  1. "Scarper the plod has arrived!" two of the very finest of her majesty's constabulary. We need more Police in the Challenge. Top job mate. Top job

  2. Even yetis need to eat, right? Very nice.

  3. "I say officer, is your head really that shape?"

    Nice work Edwin :)

  4. Nice. I am seeing Dr Who or the Summer of '79

  5. I do like these bobbies


  6. Hello, hello, hello...

    Who do you think you are Stirling Moss...
    Grand job ..

  7. A pair of very appealing Peelers sir!

  8. Nice work, I think the bases look great. Hmm, I seem to have a basing fetish this morning.

  9. Those bases are very nice and sets them off nicely. Very nice work on the local constables! ;)