Monday, 18 January 2016

What's on Tap for Monday

I had my last Monday post up before I heard the deal with it.

I like to think that somewhere in the UK, a 60 something man is trying to explain that striped sweater vest to his grandkids.

Ok so back to the challenge, back to Monday and what have we got on tap today from our Monday correspondents?
  • AdamC has a couple of posts including another large blast of Frostgrave iciness.
  • IanW has more ancients
  • MarkO has some Napoleonics
  • MilesR (yes, see below) has one of his regular megaposts
  • I expect some more Heroclix madness from SimonM
  • Plus what ever else makes it off the paint table today.  I've scheduled this to go live at 6am CST (I'll be up but it will be before coffee).
Last week I poked some fun at MilesR, and I should fess up to my part in the mix up.  Before the first Minion-Administered day I sent round an email to the Monday crew asking what they planned to post.  I cc'd our UberLord Curt and the Lord of the Spreadsheet Miles, mostly as a courtesy and to remind them who to blame  if things went splatt.  Miles interpreted this as me telling him that he'd be moved from Saturday to Monday, but I hadn't realised it until he posted on the following Monday.

Anyway after some "Gee Dad, he followed us home can we keep him?" conversations between the Monday crew, Miles and Curt, Miles is now officially a Monday poster.  And we are very happy to have him. 


  1. Just about to put together a couple more posts for you got in a good bit of paining this weekend.

  2. Ah, yes. You should have remembered that Miles is a statistician/financial analyst, which means that he has able to interpret statements differently to the rest of us and then convince us that our interpretations were entirely wrong for various unintelligible reasons ;)

    1. Yes but I teach courses in lying with statistics!