Monday, 18 January 2016

From EdwinK - 28mm Eminent Victorian (5 points)

This is a 28mm metal figure from Black Pyramid Gaming - their Prof Stanton Brook.

He's obviously based on the Sydney Paget illustration of Prof Moriarty for the Strand Magazine, and that's why I bought him, but on handling the figure I was immediately put in mind of this figure from my youth.

This is Henry Edward Manning (1808-1892), Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, and I somewhat perversely decided that I wanted him in miniature.

Whether the criminal mastermind has decided to disguise himself as Dr Manning, or whether - more shockingly! - His Eminence is himself the Napoleon of Crime will have to be the subject of further investigation.  It is however an odd co-incidence that Manning's death occurred mere months after Moriarty's supposed demise in Switzerland...

The base. again, is one I won from RayR.  I have tried to catch M's cadaverous pallor and broke the monotony of clerical black with some uncanonically grey gloves.

Criminal mastermind or Archbishop, I don't which one I fid more frightening.  Anyway a fine job on a fine figure and I am going those curtsied bases that you acquired from Ray.  Perhaps Ray can let us know where he acquired them?


  1. One could be a criminal mastermind and an Archbishop at the same time. Nice figure

  2. I find that ever so slightly creepy... Nicely done Edwin

  3. I second Dave - very creepy indeed

  4. Lovely creepy figure Edwin - top notch! :)

  5. "...on handling the figure I was immediately put in mind of this figure from my youth."

    OK, Edwin, exactly how old ARE you?
    ; )

    Puts me more in mind of Moriarty than His Eminence, but then, my knowledge of 19th century churchmen is shamefully scan - very nice work on the Napoleon of Crime!

    1. All will be explained on my blog :)

  6. Wonderful figure and backstory Edwin. I somehow envision him standing at the precipice of a very tall waterfall...

  7. A very characterful figure Edwin and you've certainly captured that sense of mystery and brooding with your paint job.

  8. Creepy Dickensian-Conan Doyalish as well. It captures a feel of the character so very well. All dark and gloomy!

  9. Very sinister, lovely work


  10. A very sombre looking fellow Edwin! I'm sure the bases came from Ainsty Castings???

  11. Interesting resemblance. Nicely done, he looks very stern and, well, Victorian.

  12. I really like this fellow, Edwin! Good thing you have the coppers to keep an eye on him! ;)