Monday, 16 January 2017

AdamC- Viking Berserkers (20 points)

I've been playing a lot of Saga with John (JohnM here in the challenge) and I picked these guys up last Spring for Huzzah they are 25mm Scale but I have no idea who cast them.  I haven't been playing Vikings as I really like the Norse-Gaels but sometimes you want to switch it up.
Four figures equals 1 Point for Saga Berserkers so these guys were a perfect addition to my collection.
 First up is the fellow with a dramatic pose.  He looks like he could be posing for the cover of an Old school D&D book or maybe one of the old Conan books.

 Next up we have this dynamic fellow with his Danish Ax.  The pose has a lot of life to it and really fits the Berserker ethos... hold you ground and you might land a hit on him but He is going to hit you no matter what you do to him.

 The last two have small axes and shields, as if they haven't fully embraced the Berserker ethos of full attack and to hell with the consequences. I do like their Wolf-skin capes/head gear.  The designs on the shields such as they are where hand painted by me.
 I believe these will add 20 points to my total.  I don't have any information on who made these if any one recognizes them I am curious.

MilesR: Wonderful figures - playing Vikings in Saga is always a lot of fun - especially with the berserkers.  These wild eyed bruisers will net you 20 points!


  1. Thank you Miles, they were good fun to paint.

  2. Nice work Adam, you can really get a good sized force in Saga without spending a fortune on figures


    1. Yeah between plastics and other peoples dead lead it's one of the cheepest armies I ever put together

  3. Suoer beserkey! I love the effort you put into the shields, Truly frightful fellows!

  4. Cool shields ... a mean looking bunch

  5. Some fierce and ferocious fellows there, Adam, well done!

  6. Nice work Adam. I really like that guy with the sword and spear.. he looks ready to wreck some havoc! :)

  7. A fearsome bunch without doubt.

  8. Nice work Adam they look suitably ferocious!

  9. Very nicely done Adam, I am not sure who I would be more scared of: the Norse-Gaels or those Berserkers.