Saturday, 21 January 2017

From EdwinK: 28mm Pilots (10 Points)

Here I am making my first submission just in time to avoid the great cull.  For your consideration I offer two 28mm pilots of differing generations.

The first is from Ironclad Miniature's splendid VSF range - the pilot from their steam helicopter.  I won't be submitting the helicopter itself as part of the Challenge, but include a picture of him in the (partially-finished) aircraft for context.

The pilot striding out to his Spitfire or Hurricane is from the ever-reliable Artizan - their Pilot Officer Reynolds.   I decided for khaki rather than RAF uniform as I'm likely to use him in a Pulp setting.

I can't remember the scoring scheme for unbased, seated figures and the aircraft was done before the Challenge started.  But as least I've broken my duck!


Ahh, it's great to have you out with us again Edwin - welcome back to the Challenge!

These pilot figures are wonderful and perfectly convey that quintessential 1930's Pulpness (not sure if that's a word, but you know what I mean). I particularly like the goggles and grimace of the seated pilot, flying by the seat of his pants, no doubt. I hope we can see that steam helicopter later as it looks it will be magnificent bit of kit.

10 points for you Edwin. Good work, my good man!



  1. Deep in injury time. He breaks into the box. He shoots, he scores.

  2. Huzzah.

    Pilots are always fun to paint, and downed pilots give great mission ideas/plot points.

  3. Nice work Edwin - congrats on surviving the cull! :)

  4. Welcome back Edwin! Pilots make great objectives and character figures on the table. Nice job.

  5. Pulp pilots, what could be better.

  6. Lovely work, welcome back again


  7. Welcome back Edwin, glad to see that you made the cut. I like these pilots, lots of Pulp uses for these guys.

  8. Welcome back, Edwin!
    The pilots are very nice, but I really want to see more of that John Deere steam helicopter! ;)

    1. Yes! I was think of the old Imperial lawnmowers when I painted it!