Saturday, 21 January 2017

From DavidB: Scifi Marines (50 points)

These fellows - and lady with honking huge gun- are IMEF Marines from Reaper. I've long wanted Sgt Stone and a few others, but Reaper metal, orders, and the limited number of models available (like 4) models all kept me off. Then the whole Reaper Bones thing happened and they got really cheap and poses staring popping up everywhere! I wanted to kick the tires on the Bones and with 10 individual sculpts, it seemed a good idea.

These things swallow paint! I have no idea where it goes, but it took forever to get them basecoated. It was like they were washing themselves off overnight! Once I got the basecoat on, everything else went really quick. Washes and highlights were not an issue. They may be soft in some areas, but they are pretty solid in detail where it counts. I may get some more, but not till I forget the hassle!

A chaingunner, medic, Sgt Stone, and the flame thrower trooper called Torch Mchue or some such.

Sarah Blizter is the squads sniper. I honestly got her to pump the squad to 10. She suffers from anime and fanboy-itis. I prefer the more believable.

They do look pretty good bunched up. They will be excellent for Star Army, Deadzone, Necromundia, good solid scifi skirmish troops....maybe a bug hunt!

We can't forget James Proudstar. He actually had the feathers and totems modeled on, Im going to get the metal Sgt Stone and James to paint for fun.

The marines came modeled on little scenic bases of mesh plates and sidewalks/deck plates. I painted them grey(repeatedly), sketched some industrial markings, washed them, and tried out the new GW 'dry' paint Rust. I experimented a lot wth them once inital plans went south! 


Looks like we are in for some Bromley Bombardment in the points department today.  Well done Dave, great to see some stuff rolling in.  Sounds like there was some frustration here, but these troops look the business when they are all together. I have had similar experiences with figures that appear to "swallow" paint, or shrug off primer.  Some of the top-notch painters and hobbyists here in the Challenge may have advice on that, but for my part, I just pile on the primer until the figure surrenders...stupid laws of physics...there is probably a better way...

Well done Dave, 50 points for this lot.  Excellent work, and we look forward to seeing more! 



  1. I like those figures a lot.

    1. Thanks, Clint!
      They do have a nice heavy scifi trooper look!

  2. Great stuff David, I like the basing.

    1. Thank you, Peter!
      I try to expand my technique each year, this year I bought a stipple brush.

  3. Very nice, have you tried Vallejo surface primer? I find that covers plastics (including the Reaper Bones) without too much trouble


    1. Thank you, Ian!
      I've only washed them, scrubbed with tooth brushes, and screamed at them! ;)
      I will try that next as I do have a few more bones in the pile. I was planning on hitting them with a plastic primer from krylon too.

  4. These are good fun, I always liked the reaper casts too.

    1. Thank you, Jamie!
      Reaper does have a lot of really fine minis!