Saturday, 21 January 2017

From DavidB: The Sith Lord Arrives! (60 points)

As some may have noted, I am a huge Star Wars Fan-atic. I do have some aged 25mm Star wars minis that really need to be stripped and repainted. I also have the X-wing game. I've only played three times and all have been against my 12 year old son. He always selects Luke and spends the whole game trying to take Vader down. My Ties just pick off the rebel scum (I mean ships) till Luke is floating in space. He wants to play again and even got me an Arc-170 (the grand-pop of the X-wing) for the game. It was because I want his ARC for action figures to go in the display case.
As he insists on playing rebels so Luke can take down his Dad (ironic that..) I doubt Ill be able to play that ship anytime soon!

I did score Imperial Assualt at Adepticon last year and other presents were all sorts of boosters for that game. Nobody wants to play till they are painted (My wife figures in there someplace!)
These are mostly from this Christmas except for my favorite villian who came with the game and R-2 D-2 and C3PO who need to get painted yet.
These are Alliance Rangers(aka Rebel Commandos) They are very nice sculpts, but are all the same female trooper in the same pose. the detail is outstanding and I was tempted to make one a Huron, but the High Ready pose with the rifle made painting the face rough enough as it was!

I did up the Rebel veteran from the base game as he matches them pretty well.

So much great detail on these sculpts!

I also got some Rebel Troopers who also suffer from the mimic pose. I varied the skin tones for multi ethnicity and painted one group in grey trousers and another group in tan ones. I can sort the units by color in this way and not the stickers that come with them.(does anyone use those stickers!?)

I also painted up the pilot. I gave her the orange rebel jumpsuit under her fighter jacket.

The pilot and the Rangers are very nice sculpts without that Manga/fanboy slant to them.

And finally we have my favorite villian, The Sith Lord himself. (I saw Rogue One after Christmas and began painting these once we got home) I really didn't plan on doing the funky source light effect, but I kept thinking about Vader advancing in a certain darkened corridor...

Yup, Vader is back and these poor rebels are sorely outnumbered!

Vader took a bit with multiple layers of grey over a black undercoat then washed repeatedly to add depth. I did use Nuln oil on the gloves, helmet, boots, and shoulder pads to give them a shine.
The lightsaber went from a basecoat of terracotta to red then highlighted from dark orange, light orange, then a very thin yellow. the same was applied to cloak and armor.

12 down, a few more to go till I can game it!


There sure has been a lot of great Star Wars entries into the Challenge this year, and you are keeping that trend going here Dave.  While all of the Rebels look very sharp, I will have to say my favourite here is Lord've done some great work with that light sabre in particular.  I love the pose as well, moving along, ready to thin out the rebel ranks a touch...

That will be 60 points of Star Wars goodness for you!



  1. Very nice David. Those sculpts do have some nice details to them.

    1. Thank you, Rod!
      They are excellent sculpts, the only negative is lack of pose variation.

  2. The painting is strong with this one...

    Excellent work!

  3. Excellent work. Great effect with Lord Vader's sword.

    1. Thank you, Robert!
      It is an excellent sculpt and Vader's monochromatic style needed some extra effort.

  4. Impressive, most impressive.

    Cheers, Ross

  5. I feel a disturbance in the force.

    1. Thank you, Clint!
      The rebels are having a bad feeling....

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  7. Outstanding! I really love the Rebel scout rangers and do hope FF would release some more poses...

    1. Thank you!
      They are nice miniatures, at least they are still kicking out new miniatures. Like you can have a few different storm troopers, but they are different unit types.

  8. Fantastic! Boy, those troopers are going to get hammered...