Saturday, 21 January 2017

MilesR: Modern US Marines w/ Support (150 points)

Some more moderns in this entry in the form of US Marines and support teams in 28mm.  The miniatures are from Empress and are really nice.
 First up a Stryker APC to provide some light armored support
 An 81mm mortar team and a rather casually dressed SEAL team.
 16 Devil Dogs in desert fatigues
And, finally, a Humvee with an armored turret.

That's 24 figures and two vehicles, which my maths tell me nets out to a nice 150 points.


More hard-nosed contemporary warfighters from Mr. Reidy. These troops are great Miles. The Marines seem ready for action and the SEALS look like they're already in it. I really like the arid groundwork you've come up with, but I think your vehicles might benefit from a little in-country dusting, unless they're meant for convoying lobbyists and VIPs along Washington's blacktop. :)

150 points for you, my Spreadsheet Ninja. Well done.



  1. Very cool! The vehicles are awesome as is the paintjob on the figures themselves.

  2. You keep pumping good quality painting, great to see yet more


  3. Good to see more Modern figures in the challenge.

  4. Nice work although I bet the red caps are bullet magnets

  5. Very nice indeed, I can't quite make them out, but do the caps say "Make America Great Again"? ;)

    1. Darn it you beat me to that joke

    2. I was kind of hoping someone would pick that subtle message up. By the way Curt's point total is way off - if I use Trumpian mathematics - the count for the number of figures submitted is over 5,000!!! AND STILL GOING UP!!!

  6. Very nice figures and vehicles, and what a neat desk!
    Best Iain

  7. Another casual load of points Miles. Great looking moderns.

  8. Nice Miles one can see your determined to win the arms race!


  9. Knocking em out Miles...well done

  10. They do look the part, Miles! I like the bases and the brushwork on the troops. I don't think I'd trust em too much as the operators look shady and someone gave them new vicks! ;)
    The stryker and humvee are sweet looking kits.
    I like how you did the glass!

  11. Thanks for the very kind comments