Saturday, 21 January 2017

From ChristopherSM: Procrastination Meltdown (5 Points)

So having never used Blogger before this is a learning experience. I have a 28 mm of Shyla Varad, Daughter of Mandalore, from the game I love to hate Imperial Assault. 

This is just to keep me in as I work through some pretty miniature pirates from Firelock Games, as well as finishing some squadrons for Star Wars Armada. Until next time, viola.


I know it was a rush for you, and then having to overcome the trials of Blogger, but it's great to have you with us Chris - welcome to the asylum!

Good work on Shyla. I like the aged metal on her Mandelorian armour and the highlighting on her blue cloak is nicely done. If I may be so bold, why do you hate Imperial Assault? I only ask as our group has had a good time playing it, but are far from veterans.

5 points for your entry into the Challenge. I look forward to seeing your upcoming pirates and Armada fighters.

Okay, seven more to go...




  1. Nice work Christopher! Welcome to AHPC7! :)

  2. Nice work. I look forward to seeing the fire lock miniatures

  3. Welcome aboard and cool looking mini. More please!

  4. Nice work Christopher and welcome!

  5. Welcome to the mad and crazy world of the Challenge!
    Shyla is nicely done, and I think a lovely entry into the most important part of the Challenge, "Sarah's Choice".*
    Would either the Snowlord or a minion tag this entry?
    *(Sarah's Choice is a hotly contested battle to win my favour through female minis)­čśŐ

  6. Welcome aboard! Excellent work.

  7. Blogger does take a while to get used to (I am very much still learning)
    Welcome to the Campbell Wing of the Challenge mental health unit. (AKA the AHPC)
    Brilliant figure well painted

  8. Great miji Chris and glad you have managed to join us.

  9. I meant MINI damn tablet keyboard...

  10. L overly work and welcome aboard


  11. It appears I'm considerably behind in imperial assault. A mandalore! And not the Fett!?
    Welcome to the show! It gets easier once you accept that sleep is optional! ;)