Saturday, 21 January 2017

From PaulOG: 6 pdr Gun and more Woodland Indians (60 points)

I’ve done it again! I got suckered into enjoying every bit of detail and going to town on the basing. Not good from a productivity basis, but I’m pleased with how they have turned out.  My submissions this week fit into projects you’ve already seen begin in previous posts, which is very satisfying.

Anti Tank Gun

First up is a Brit 6 pdr Anti Tank gun to add to my Para force, and I can use one of the jeeps I posted last week to tow it around the table.  It doesn’t have the best AT effect (the heavier 17pr was far more successful and famously fitted to the Sherman Firefly and Achilles - the up gunned M10 Tank destroyer) but is more mobile to give my Paras some much needed anti armour capability.

As a former Artillery Officer (Army Reserve) I happily went to town with the basing, carving out wheel hollows in the mdf base and burying the trail spades into the dirt…and then lost most of the effect by excitedly adding all the tufts and shrubbery :-) Overall though I’m pleased with the dioramic style effect and hope it helps them on the tabletop! Figs and gun by Warlord.

Woodland Indians 2
Next are another half dozen Mohawk warriors to take the field with my FiW Brits.  Added to my previous Woodland Indians in week 2, these round out a unit of an even dozen for use with Sharpe Practice 2.

Looking forward to having them scalp some of Alan's pesky coureur de bois in their inaugural table top game next week! Figs by Warlord which mix well with my Northstar sculpts.  I like the mix they have of traditional weapons, not just all Muskets and Tomahawks - you know, that would be a great name for a game...

And for my last entry I present my latest 1:1 scale project - "Odin", whom we got last week, aged 6 weeks. Adorable as he is, he does take away from my hobby time...but in the best way possible!

Wonderful submission Paul.  Your description of all of the things you did for the AT gun to increase the realism is impressive, but grinding tracks into an MDF base? Wow, that is commitment...

Whatever the impact on your focus on detail has on your productivity, the results are worth it! The gun is excellent, not to mention the paras and their complicated camo! And the Mohawk warriors, with the excellent face paint, really look fantastic. That is a period I would love to get into, and this submission is inspiring further interest, no doubt it will in others as well. 

That will be 55 points, but I will use my outrageous minion powers to round it up to 60 for the torture to get the little things done on the gun, the fantastic face paint on the warriors, and the excellent picture of Odin! When my hound Joey curls up at my feet while I'm painting, I just find the figures turn out better...even if I have to stop painting for a while to hang out with him!



  1. Great entry Paul, the gun really is fabulous!

  2. Great stuff all around Paul. Love the details on the gun's base. Give Odin a scratch behind the ears for us.

  3. Lovely work Paul and what a cute puppy! :)

  4. Great work Paul. The extra work on the basing was worth it. Cute pup too!

  5. Smashing work - great commitment for details you ended up covering up :) the facepaint is very nicely done, not OTT which is probably very easy to do by accident.

  6. odin is Gorgeous! Best thing I have seen in the challenge so far.

    Oh the figurers .... The gun looks very good and I always struggle with Indians and war paint. So these will be an inspiration. I am very pleased to see them.

  7. great stuff Paul, with Odin as a wonderful distraction I am impressed you goy anything done at all..

  8. Those figures are excellent and my whole family just melted on seeing Odin


  9. Great work Paul! And what a great looking little hound. And a great name to suit him! Though hopefully he won't be as thunderous around the house as his name would suggest :)

  10. Lovely little doglet! Our Oscar and Felix would love to romp around the park with him!

  11. Magic brushwork and basing mate! The face paint is spot on.

    Odin looks like a great addition to the clan. Here's hoping he doesn't like the taste of shoes...

  12. Great entries all around and I really like the pill shaped artillery base!


  13. Excellent entry, Paul! The gun is really good, but of course I love my ancestors more! You did them up very well too. Warlord is distributing Conquest Miniatures and the sculptor has several packs available that warlord hasn't picked up yet including Seminole. They all have distinctive tribal flair too.
    Congrats on the new buddy too! ;)