Saturday, 21 January 2017

Side Duels and Challenges Tally Updated

I don't know about you but I really LOVE Adam and the Ants!
Hi All,

Another points update for the Side Duels and Challenges has been posted.

BenF has been added to the Sharp Practice side duel. Things are hotting up in the 15mm Seven Years War and Age of Sigmar duels and IanW is blazing ahead in the More Joy of Six duel.

Please check and confirm I have things right!

Millsy the Duels Wallah


  1. Thanks for another update, Clint will be along soon with a 6mm points bomb so I need the padding lol.


  2. Cheers for the update Duels GIMP :)

    I've still got a bunch of stuff to paint before I hit the 6mm ACW - I think I'll concede that duel now as Ian's racked up more points already than I've got prepped!

  3. Urrah! Keeping the lead in the Napoleonic SP competition. And more points coming next week :-)

  4. Thanks Millsy, just prepping some SYW figures as we speak.

  5. Okay, hands in the air everyone who looked up Adam and the Ants on youtube and now regrets it! But Millsy I have got a new song for you too me matey:

  6. Thanks very much Millsy! Staying focused on my duels is very hard with all the shiny new things on my paint table...

    1. To say nothing of collating all the Bonus Round entries which were lodged on time if not (ahem) DAYS BEFORE the deadline...
      ; )