Saturday, 21 January 2017

Saturday Guest Minion: GregB

I'm pleased to announce that today I have a special treat for you. GregB, a veteran minion from last year's Challenge, has kindly agreed to serve as guest MC for today's entries. Of course this is just a thinly veiled ploy to offload work, but it does allow me to get Sunday's 'East' Theme Round ready for a timely release.

As a reminder, this is also the last day for make the Challenge Cut, so I expect to see a few new Challengers scurrying in to join our mob of paint-jockies.

This all being said, I may step-in from time to time today to help Greg out and to cause a bit of mayhem.

Take it away Greg!


  1. Good luck today Greg, a lot of work awaits!

    1. Yes, in no small part because of your amazing points bombardment - quite a week!

  2. Thanks everyone - will be a ton of fun, and a great contrast to seeing the Winnipeg Jets get crushed today...