Friday, 20 January 2017

From ReneA: Deadlines and such (33 Points)

So some time ago my mate Jasper more or less made me enter the Challenge. However some days after entering I was really thrilled that he had since it was some time ago I last entered in the Challenge. Now my lead/plastic mountain had since drastically diminished since I had decided to stop wargaming altogether. Luckily I have found the motivation to start painting again and since have painted a (for me) substantial British Force (late war World War 2) in 28mm for playing Chain of Command. So with that in mind I started the challenge knowing that I could add some nice new stuff to this force as well as start working on my Arthurian period Romano British and Saxon forces.

The first entry is what you could call a deadline item to make sure I am still on the list but I really had to push this to a finish. The pictures are basically rubbish but I had to enter something.

So my first entry is a pair of Carriers with 3 crew each to add some much needed speed into the army.

Good afternoon Rene, and welcome to the Challenge! Glad you dug deep and found the motivation to wade back into the hobby, because these two carriers really look the business. These are one of my favourite vehicles of WWII, in all their dumpy dorkiness. And I've found them very handy in Chain of Command - little mobile pillboxes to help the brave footsloggers see off the Germans.
Two 28mm vehicles for a very respectable 30 points, and I'll sprinkle a few more on top because you've not skimped on the crew :-)


  1. Welcome back Rene! It's great to see you.

    Great looking Carriers. I always find it's the crew that makes open-top AFVs and these are no exception. I like the fellow in the back with the relaxed pose, looking for pretty French girls and daydreaming of the next tea break. :)

  2. Welcome back Rene! Lovely little carriers :)

  3. Great to have you back and these carriers are wonderful


  4. Yay, target practice for my FJ :-D Glad to see you're still in the fight, and sorry-not-sorry for getting you in the Challenge.

  5. Fine looking carriers Rene, great to have you with us.

  6. Chain of command is a good way to get back into wargaming and these are fine little carriers to support your lads. Nice to see the proper decals on them too.

  7. Welcome aboard, Rene!
    Real beauts of vicks too, the crews are really well done!