Friday, 20 January 2017

From SteveM: 15mm German Konigstiger Platoon (12 points)

Scale : 15mm (1/100)
Mfg : Battlefront Miniatures
Product : gbx14
Material : metal and resin
Paints: automotive primer, Vallejo Model Color, Winsor &Newton Oil, AK enamel washes, AMMO paint, AMMO pigments, gloss varnish, matt vanish
Details: 2 tanks

Next up are some German King Tigers. I tried a different paint scheme that I haven't tried before. Using the factory primer color that was sometimes used in the field toward the end of the war. It is interesting to work with and try to make it interesting. I think I'll try this scheme in the future with some different approaches.


Prepare yourselves everyone, because SteveM has been busy painting his German armour, so this morning will be tanks, tanks and more tanks. First up, a pair of massive King Tigers. I've seen one of these at the excellent Bovington tank museum here in the UK and they are a hugely impressive sight. 
These biggest of the Big Cats came out great in their rust red primer - it might not offer much camouflage, but I'm sure their crews will fight hard to defend Germany from the Allies. Your weathering really brings these out, helped by the detailing from the zimmerit anti-mine paste. Very nice work! 


  1. Nice work there, Steve - straight off the production line and into battle!

  2. They are also nice, well painted and well modelled

  3. Your primer attempt works well, looks right to my eye


  4. Lovely. I suspect that this is what a lot of German armour looked like towards the end. I seriously doubt that the crews had time to paint all the intricate cammo designs so beloved of war gamers like us. I think it was more like here's the panzer, fresh from the factory, get it off the flatcar and under some trees before we get bombed.

  5. I'm rather taken by the primer look. I use that a bit for even spot color for a fresh repair look too! ;)
    Very good work on some hurried reinforcements!