Thursday, 9 March 2017

Thursday comes again, but alas my work week is not quite finished. I have to sit in a "leadership" class which is code for "death by power point". I'm starting to think the spreadsheet has it in for me as last weekend I had drill which was ALSO Power Point Hell and briefings.

I think I'm going to take the spreadsheet on a fishing trip to the UP where there is no wifi or cell towers and we can fish, discuss power point, online classes, shingles, car accidents, rare earth magnets, 15 lbs sledgehammers.... ;)
Peter has spun up a tidy carpet bombing run this week and James has some more vicks idling in the motor pool. 
I'll get them up sporadically throughout the day as breaks allow. The spreadsheet may have to wait till evening when I can devote more time to properly bludgeon negotiate with it. I have a new stylus that should work very well, although it  does bear a " striking"  resemblance to a drop hammer! ;)


  1. Don't you just hate days like that?

  2. I won't say that Leadership can't be taught but it certainly can't be taught by a power point.. my deep sympathies.

  3. Wishing strength and coffee David. I have all my posts set to go now.

  4. Oh oh. Miles, you may want to check the spreadsheet after today's 'entries'. ;)

  5. Powerpoint is the work of the devil.
    I force all my instructors to follow the 10-20-40 rule.
    10 slides max.
    20 minutes max.
    40 point font on all slides max.

    1. I like your Instructions, Padre! that should be rigidly enforced! ;)