Wednesday, 15 March 2017

From ScottM: War of 1812 54mm US Troops (160 pts)

My submission this week is two units of 54mm War of 1812 US figures. These figures are metal figures from All The King's Men. First up is an artillery unit.

Next is a unit of light infantry.

And a couple closer shots.

These figs will be added to my 200 odd figures that are already painted up. Still need a few more to fight Lundy's Lane! And that should put me over my goal!

ByronM: Nice work Scott, and very interesting to see 54mm gaming pieces, most 54mm pieces I see are only for painting competitions.  Painting Napoleonics in 54mm would likely be a whole lot easier as the uniforms would be bigger and easier to deal with.  I assume these are for skirmish games? Or do you use them to each represent large numbers of men?  Either way, very well done.


  1. Wonderful looking 54s Scott.

  2. I really enjoy seeing figures in this scale, especially ones as well painted as this. Pity they are fighting for the bad guys! :)

  3. Great to see the 54s and for 1812 too! Love it.

  4. Very nice work on the 54's! It is grand to see 1812 troops in the challenge, the rifles look particularly sharp!
    This in no way helps resisting getting a couple boxes of Victrix 54mm Nappies at all! ;)