Wednesday, 15 March 2017

StephenS: Looters separated by centuries (30 points)

First up is my portion of the Curtgeld that a group of us here in Australia are putting together. A Landsknecht caught in the act of appropriating some loot after a hard day of pillaging. The Dux will be basing all of these together and presenting the finished 'masterpiece'. The figure is a 28 mm model from Artizan, and hopefully I've not made it too colourful or cartoony. It is a troop type I have very little knowledge of.

The second figure is a 28 mm figure from Warlord games and represents a Nazi party official who has been called up (no doubt unwillingly) to lead a unit of Volkssturm as part of my slowly growing 'Fall of Berlin' force. His portly figure in a period of such shortages suggests he has been requisitioning more than his fair share of supplies. Food is probably not the only thing he has stolen, so he can wear the label of looter too. Tying  the two mini's neatly together, in a not at all contrived way! Oh wait, it has just occurred to me that they're both German in origin, I could have probably done something with that...

You will have to excuse the photos, I'm running a bit short of time to try and take something more professional, some sort of deadline is approaching :)

Hopefully that is 30 points all up, though perhaps a deduction is needed for the temporary lack of basing on the Curtgeld?

I'd like to take the time to thank my minion, Byron, for all his efforts in keeping the rag tag Wednesday group in some semblance of order ;) In all seriousness, thanks for giving up your time to help Curt make this challenge happen. It has been much appreciated mate!



ByronM: Great work Stephen, I especially like the nazi official. He looks like he has been enjoying the spoils of war a little more than he has been participating in the war so far. I am with you on the not knowing the period well for your other figure, but it looks good as well to me, and I like the facial expression.  Hope to see you back next year!


  1. Good job on both figures. The landsknecht looks like he's showing off that cup to his mates - hey look what I got. As for the second figure, one only hopes he runs into some Soviets. :)

  2. Nice figures Steven. The Landskenchts can't be too cartoony.

  3. Fabulous work Stephen. Thanks so much for the Landsknecht! He is a wonderful riot of colour - excellent. I'm really looking forward to seeing them all based-up together. Also, that part official is a characterful piece. As Michael says, I hope he rounds the corner right into a group of Soviet Guards.

  4. Two great looking figures Steve, both full of character.

  5. Punch the Nazi in the face!

    I'm looking forwards to seeing the group of Landsnechts.