Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Wednesday Minion's Last Shift.... You're Welcome :-)

Well, today is my last shift as the Wednesday minion.  I would like to say thank you to all of the Wednesday crew for making this a fun winter with a lot of cool painted miniatures having been submitted. Probably even more importantly, thanks for putting up with me, then again, not like you had a choice! :-)

I hope everyone had fun and that you got done what you wanted over the winter, I know I did, and that you come back next year.

With that, I leave you with my last Hump Day meme, one I have been saving since day one, and no, it doesn't have a camel or a minion!


  1. Thanks for all your work, you were a very professionnal and helpful minion. You have a future in that field if you can find an appropriate evil leader to follow.

    1. Thanks Iannick, normally I am the evil leader just ask anyone who knows me. I tried to be on very good behavour for Curt this year (at least I tried), it is not normal for me to be nice for such a long period though! :-)

  2. You've done a fine job of keeping the Wednesday mob in some sort of order Byron, as well as keeping us entertained with the hump day memes :)

  3. Great work as our hump day Minion Byron.

  4. Wonderful work Byron! Thanks so much for shepherding the Wednesday crew.

  5. Good job there fellow minion!