Wednesday, 15 March 2017

From GuyB - Polybian Romans taking shape...(280 Points)

With the clock ticking ever closer to the end of the Analogue Painting Challenge, I thought I'd best post up my Polybian Romans. One base of the Hastati you've seen before, all the rest are new.

I did have some Celtic command I painted up for Poldercon, but I didn't do the basing for them (Jasper did), so they don't count. I also rebased 120 Celtic infantry and some 20 cavalry - but they don't count either!

Principes with Lorica Hamata

Hastati with Pectorale plate

Triarii with Lorica Hamata

The models are mostly Victrix with some Agema and Warlord mixed in for variety and the odd metal miniature. The transfers are LBMS/Victrix with the odd hand painted shield.

Points wise, there's 14 bases of 4. So that's 56 models or 280 points in total. Still shy of my 400 points target...

I've still got a few more of these to paint before the army is finished, including some command for the Hastati, but I'm out of time for this challenge. It's been fun!

ByronM: Thank you Guy for some excellent looking Romans and for being involved in the challenge.  These look really good and I like all the weathering on them it makes them look more real than being perfectly clean.  I would have liked to see some pictures from the side or rear though for full effect.


  1. Stunning work Guy! I like the dirtied shields and aged bronze - it really gives them the look of grizzled veterans. Wonderful!

  2. Nice work Guy! :)

    You could submit the Celtic command as they were painted by you during the Challenge, but you'll have some points knocked off for the basing.

  3. Those are splendid legionairs Guy!

  4. Great work Guy! The Ancient stuff I have seen during this Challenge has been really inspiring - hopefully something I will be diving into in the next edition of the Challenge...

  5. I love Republican romans, they look familiar but the details, like the feathers and the shape of the spears, are odd, in a satisfying sort of way. Your work on the shields is first rate, and the faces have that ruthless, determined look of veterans who would as happily gut you as pass the time of day. Very nice work.

  6. Lovely work Guy. The shields are excellent, and who doesn't like Bronze armour?

  7. Very nice, I like the dirt.

  8. I like the weathered shields and the grungy look of the men, they have a very business demeanor to them, hot off the march!